2015’s Top 5 Raspberry Ketone Products for Weight Loss

Raspberry Ketones are a great way to help naturally shed extra weight. No matter what method you use to reduce calories or increase activity, they can boost your results by naturally increasing energy levels and reducing your hunger.

The raspberry ketone is known to increase the metabolism in the body

The raspberry ketone is known to speed up the metabolism, reduce hunger and increase energy levels.


Raspberry supports the fat-burning hormone adiponectin, and has even been compared capsaicin, the fat burning compound found in peppers.

Raspberry Ketones, responsible for the delicious flavor found readily in raspberries, can also help prevent fat accumulation in the body, regardless of metabolic rate or body type. There is a reason why Raspberry Ketones are so popular amongst celebrities and weight-loss experts for reducing body fat.

Adding a supplement to your regimen is simple, but it can be confusing to choose the right one. Some options are poorly formulated, ineffective, or have unpleasant side effects. The good news is that there are several great options that are safe and easy to use.


Each of the 5 choices below is highly rated by users and offers a formula backed by nutritional science.


1st Place: Raspberry Ketone Max


Number one on the list is the best-selling Raspberry Ketone Max. There are several reasons this one is so popular – most notably the quick weight loss. Raspberry Ketone MAXIt also increases metabolism and reduces fatigue, helping you get up and moving.

Added to the powerful effects of Raspberry Ketones is the super ingredient green coffee bean extract, which helps reduce sugar absorption.

These two ingredients combine to make Raspberry Ketone Max a fat-loss powerhouse. Not only is it safe, fast, and powerful, it is backed by a 60 day money-back guarantee and complimentary free shipping worldwide. Huge discounts are available for larger orders, bringing the price to under $27 per bottle. That is nearly 50% off.

Find out more about Raspberry Ketone MAX in our full review here



2nd Place: Raspberry Ketone Pure


Another fast weight-loss option, Raspberry Ketone Pure, is a new product created by the renowned UK manufacturer Evolution Slimming. You may be familiar with its Raspberry Ketone PUREpredecessor, Raspberry Ketone Plus, but Pure is a much stronger formula, in fact it is one of the most potent on the market today.

Benefits include increased energy and metabolism, appetite suppression, a potent fat-burning boost, and help triggering your body’s natural thermogenesis. Raspberry Ketone Pure is backed by the elusive Certificate of Analysis and a money back guarantee. Even better – it has no known negative side effects. You can buy Raspberry Ketone PURE here



3rd Place: Raspberry Ketone Plus+


Evolution Slimming may have come out with an upgrade to Raspberry Ketone Plus, but don’t write it off just yet. It is Raspberry Ketone+number 3 on our list because it is safe, effective, and won’t bust your budget. Raspberry Ketones help burn fat, increase metabolism, and reduce hunger.

The natural active ingredients in Plus provide the added benefits of healthy antioxidants, which hunt down dangerous free radicals in your body cells.

Emily lost 19 pounds with Raspberry Ketone PLUS+! Find out more about her weight loss here >>


4th Place: Raspberry Ketone by Bauer Nutrition


Coming in at a respectable number four is industry star Bauer Raspberry Ketone by BauerNutritionNutrition’s popular formula. Boasting Raspberry Ketone’s fat burning, appetite reduction, and energy boost, it packs a potent 500 mcg, which is significantly stronger than the typical Ketone supplement but still well within healthy limits.

Not stopping there, Bauer Nutrition included Irvingia Gabonensis, or African Mango, to help with leptin and insulin sensitivity. Like the other supplements on this list, this one is 100% natural and has no known side-effects. It does not include stimulants such as caffeine or amphetamines. Get Raspberry Ketone by BauerNutrition here


5th Place: Ketone Balance Duo


Ketone Balance Duo is the only product on our list that contains Raspberry Ketone but not as the primary ingredient. Duo combines Raspberry Ketones with an Ketone Balance DUOemerging natural ingredient, green coffee. Don’t let the word coffee scare you off – reviewers insist that it does not give you the caffeine jitters or any other negative side effect.

There is no need to feel awful while losing weight! The combination of ingredients in Duo gently boosts your energy levels while helping you burn fat and eat less. Visit their official website to purchase Ketone Balance DUO



So – which Raspberry Ketone formula is right for you?

Raspberry Ketones are a great way to improve and expedite your fat-loss results. It is important, however, to keep in mind that not all supplements are equally safe and effective.

Make sure that your supplement meets these requirements:


100% Natural Raspberry Ketones. Check the wording and make sure there are no synthetic ingredients or stimulants.
Be wary of wording such as “contains natural raspberry ketones” as this can indicate any amount of ketones, and it may not be all natural or pure.

Make sure that the product is formulated and manufactured by a reputable company and that it’s been tested for safety. This is how you avoid some nasty side effects.


Decide what potency is most suitable for you. Too weak and you are wasting your money by ineffective results or by having to use more product, too strong and you may not like the way it feels. This may take some experimentation, but a safe route is always to start at a lower potency and increase it over time.

Keep in mind that while Raspberry Ketones work fast, no supplement is instant. Give it a few days and see how you like it before forming a concrete opinion.

Follow these guidelines and you will find a product that helps you get the results you want while staying healthy and happy. Unlike most diet supplements Raspberry Ketones are natural, safe, and effective, making them a great complement to your lifestyle.

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