6 Powerful Steps To Detox Instantly After The Holidays

You’re ready to unwind from a two month marathon of gift giving and food consumption. You’re ready to set the New Year’s off with a resolution to eliminate all the waste you put in your body the year before. But why wait when you can start right now?

Here are 6 simple, yet incredibly powerful steps to detox from the holidays and start your 2015 New Year’s resolution early.


Drink Plenty of Fluids

Good ol’ fashion H2O has been the stable fluid of choice for all hydration needs no 966608_drinking___matter the reason for centuries. To stay hydrated, consume half your body weight in ounces of water daily to stay regular and healthy.

If you have the budget, try coconut water. It’s low in calories and naturally fat and cholesterol free offering more potassium than four whole bananas combined; not to mention it’s incredibly refreshing!

Another healthy alternative fluid that hydrates your body is Aloe Vera juice. It aids with constipation, helps cure heartburn, improves blood circulation and helps you lose weight rapidly by boosting your metabolism rate.


Find A Simple Workout Routine and Stick with It!

Odds are you’ve put together this super complicated plan to slim down xxx amount of pounds when the New Year begins. But how many people can you count on one hand who was ever able to stick to such a strict workout routine?

Try sticking with one exercise routine such as Zumba, dancing, kickboxing, aerobics, Pilates or weight training for endurance and muscle building.


Five Minutes of Yoga a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

 Yoga exercises are unique in that it not only helps clean out your body from Jogadeadly, unhealthy toxins; it helps clear your mind from clutter filling up your head space.

Yoga improves posture, builds lean muscle and stretches your muscles for athlete-like flexibility. There’s no need to go a Yoga instructor to nail the basics. A simple YouTube video will kick start you in the proper direction.


Think Twice Before Stuffing Your Face with Food

One common mistake people make when giving up their favorite foods is deciding to go cold turkey.

On the surface it sounds good and makes logical sense, but in reality it can cause you to come back with a vengeance and binge on all unhealthy foods including the one food you decided to quit cold turkey. In other words, it turns you into a pig.

The key is moderation. Include a healthier version of your food vice and you will gradually begin to lose preference over the unhealthy alternative.

Doing this gives your taste buds time to adjust to a foreign palate because, according to research, it takes approximately 20 – 30 times trying a certain food before acquiring a taste for it.


Keep It Clean and Healthy

If you don’t have unhealthy food vices, consider adding other healthier foods to Orangeyour diet such as consuming more whole fruits (banana’s, kiwi, apples, and oranges) and vegetables (broccoli, spinach, lettuce and carrots).

The average adult is designed to consume 5 servings daily to maintain a healthy, clean body. Make all grains you consume whole grains. Avoid heavy processed starch such as white potatoes (sweet potatoes are good) and white flour.

Make a strong conscious effort to consume enough vitamins and minerals in every meal to make it count.

Perhaps the most important tip is to constantly stay hydrated as mentioned in the first tip above.


Kick Start Your Metabolism with a Detox Cleanse

Detox cleansing is considered by many as a quick fix alternative to long-term healthy eating habits. The most common way to kick start your metabolism and shock your body into a healthier lifestyle is to completely eliminate all sugars, unhealthy fats, junk foods and processed foods from your cabinet and refrigerators.Detox Cleanse

Doing this requires an act of will power few people are capable to do on their own. Consider having your spouse, partner, family or friend help you clean house.

There’s a product called Detox Pure, that can significally increase the detox process in your body and help you get rid of toxing faster. Read more about Detox pure on this page.

The second most common detox is not eating altogether. Most people report great hunger pangs within hours of making this decision, especially if there’s cooked food. Once you commit to fasting, keep active and away from food as much as possible to avoid temptation. People report massive weight loss during a 72 hour period.

If you follow just 3 out of 6 of these steps to detox your body after the New Year’s, you can expect friends and family to notice your new glow and new body come 2015!

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