7 Strange Things that Celebrities do to Lose Weight and Keep it Off

Though everyone seems to envy celebrities at some point, it can be tough to always be in the limelight. This is especially true when it comes to weight gain. Celebrities need their bodies to look perfect in order for them to continue to land acting roles.

Celebrity Diet Tips

Because maintaining weight can be a challenge, celebrities will go to extreme lengths in order to maintain their perfect figures.

Here are seven strange things that celebrities do to keep the excess pounds away.




1. Eat Strange Foods and Supplements

Synthetic hormones, pills and extracts from exotic fruits are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what a celebrity will eat to lose weight for a role. Every diet pill and diet fad available has been tried by some celebrity.

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Misha Barton lost weight with Proactol XS – read our Proactol XS review here >>


Many diet pills are promoted by celebrities, which can make fans want to buy the pill to lose weight as well.

Unfortunately, most celebrities are paid for their sponsorship and may or may not actually use the diet pill themselves. Always research the safety and effectiveness of a diet supplement before purchasing one.



2. Save Calories by Sniffing Food

Even celebrities get tempted by high-calorie treats. Many models and actresses choose to simply sniff these treats, rather than eating them and gaining excess weight. In Hollywood circles, this practice is known as “cake sniffing.”

Sniffing Food

Many celebrities claim that sniffing the tempting foods is enough to rid themselves of the craving.

Madonna has been reported as being a fan of sniffing food, with some claiming that she goes through periods of time where she eats nothing at all while on an “air diet.”



3. Exercise for Hours at a Time

When an average person works out hours each day and eats very little, friends, family and co-workers step in and voice concern for the health of him or her. Celebrities, however, are expected to display this type of behavior.

Celebrity Training

Before a leading role, most male actors have to bulk up with excessive strength training and a lean, high-protein diet.


On the other hand, actresses have to lose the weight extremely fast after having a baby, with many celebrity moms appearing in photo shoots or roles just weeks after giving birth. Losing excess weight and toning muscles require both a strict diet and many hours of exercise.



4. Begin the Day with a Lemon Twist

Many of us begin the day with some fresh-squeezed orange juice. Actress Jennifer Aniston, however, is a firm believe that a different type of citrus is the way to go to lose weight.

She begins each morning by drinking a full glass of lemon juice that has been freshly squeezed. She claims that the tart drink helps her body to remove fat and allows her to maintain her svelte figure.


5. Skip the Solids and Drink Their Food Instead

Looking good on the runway comes with a price. Adriana Lima, a model for Victoria’s Secret, has been said to go on a diet of only liquids for nine days prior to a show. Twelve hours before she is set to walk to the runway, she abstains from all food and drinks, in order to lose any water weight gained while on the liquid diet.

This type of diet is not advised by medical professionals, but celebrities can get away with this behavior when the job calls for it.



6. Cleanse Their Colons Before Filming

A common practice in Hollywood is for celebrities to go on a cleanse to remove excess weight and toxins from their colons before filming. Beyoncé is reported to have used the Master Cleanse diet to help her lose weight for an upcoming film.

The diet, which involves drinking water, cayenne pepper and maple syrup for 14 days, can help users to look weight quickly.




7. Eat Cookies that Suppress the Appetite

Eating cookies and losing weight may seem like a dream come true for many. Dr. Siegal developed cookies that suppress that appetite. On the diet, one regular meal is eaten a day along with six of the cookies. Snooki, the star of “Jersey Shore,” is said to have eaten these cookies in order to lose weight after having a baby.

Celebrities can go to the extreme when it comes to looking good for their jobs. Those who know how difficult it can be to lose weight can relate to the challenges that A-listers must face every day for their careers.

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