A helpful guide on buying PhenQ in the UK

There is no way to soften it; the UK is getting more and more obese. The obesity or overweight rate in the UK is now a startling 67% for men and 57% for women (62% of the adult population).
The obesity rate for children is a scary 27% When incorporating the entire UK population, almost 25% of the United Kingdom is obese.
Obesity in the UK is now a major problem

Obesity in the UK is now a major problem

The obesity rate within the UK has tripled in the last 30 years; in fact, the obesity rate has only continued to grow and grow quickly and has yet to show any signs of slowing.
Experts believe that this trend will only keep growing — it’s 2015 and estimates made in 2007 for 2050 have already been surpassed.

PhenQ can help you lose your weight faster and with less effort

Programs have been implemented to reverse the steadily growing number of obese people in the UK. Ideas such as a higher tax on sugary beverages and soft drinks and changes in school/hospital food have been suggested.
During the 2012 Olympics in London, a £30-million grant was given to focus on building paths and equipment designed to promote a physical lifestyle.
Society has also promoted eating healthy in conjunction with a proper diet. Unfortunately for some people, these methods prove to be fruitless and natural fat-burning techniques are their last resort.
Can PhenQ help you lose weight?
In the crowded fat-burner market, many people find it difficult and useless to search hours on end for a proven supplement that not only works the way it is advertised, but doesn’t leave any nasty side effects.


PhenQ – A revolutionary new fat burner that could help you lose unwanted fat faster – how to get it in the UK?

While there are several good ones, they are often crowded out by the bad ones. PhenQ, however, is an exception.

PhenQ helps the body lose weight by increasing the metabolism naturally, which in turn limits fat production.

Now that the metabolism is increased, instead of storing food as fat, it will become energy. PhenQ also limits the amount of food the body craves for and increases mood and focus.
The ingredients of PhenQ that form the pill are all 100% natural. Major ingredients include:

  • a-LACYS RESET – increases the amount of calories you burn and builds muscle mass
  • Niacin (Vitamin B3) – helps the body turn food into energy
  • Caffeine
  • Piperine – an extract from black pepper that helps the body in absorbing vitamins and nutrients easily
  • Calcium carbonate – keeps bones strong and healthy, as well as reduce fat stores in cells
  • Chromium – it has a whole host of benefits, from increasing muscle and energy to controlling blood sugar
  • L-carnitine – it’s an amino acid that reduces fatigue and hunger and can increase body energy, as well as memory
  • Capsicum – helps reduce high cholesterol and pain
  • Nopal cactus – an herb high in fiber that is an appetite suppressant


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All these ingredients combine to create a clinically-proven product that increases the body’s metabolism and muscle mass, while at the same time it lowers (burns) the fat.
While it may be a newer product, PhenQ has gotten a few reviews that laud the product and confirm that the product does work as advertised.
Where can I purchase PhenQ if I live in the UK?
PhenQ can only be bought from the official website, which may affect those who don’t like to buy online but helps keep people from buying fake supplements.
It can’t be found in any drugstore throughout the UK and may not be the real deal on a site like amazon.co.uk.

Genuine PhenQ can be purchased only on their official website PhenQ.com

It can be ordered from anywhere in the UK, including London, Birmingham, Liverpool, and more.
PhenQ has many pricing options for however long you plan on using it. It is £45.95 for a bottle.
Special deals include 2 bottles and a free one (3 total) for £91.90 and 3 bottles with two free (5 total) for £129.95.
Each bottle has 60 pills to last one month, the daily intake size is two a day. PhenQ offers a 60-day money back guarantee, so if you aren’t satisfied you can get your order refunded.
Buy PhenQ in UK
Fight unwanted fat and reduce hunger cravings
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