Being overweight is probably one of the worst nightmares in the current generation. Though most of the world’s population wish and struggle to remain healthy, the majority of them are not ready to maintain what it takes.

Abidexin PM

Losing weight requires regular exercising and proper dieting.

Amidst the active programs and change in lifestyle, it becomes easier when said than done.


The threat of lifestyle diseases increases with excessive weight. Also to mention, excessive weight is physically unappealing and comes with public stigmatization.


The world has been forced to develop other means to of maintaining a healthy population. Due to demanding lifestyle, billions are invested daily in researching safe supplements that can help in weight loss. Not everyone can have physical exercises as recommended. But everyone who cares about good health can afford at least a safe medical supplements or diet pill to keep the weight in check.

Besides it’s unwise not to do anything to stay safe from lifestyle diseases due to an active work program. Instead trying a diet pill is easy and comfortable for everyone in the risk of excessive weight.

In the light of this, original manufacturers of Apidexin have come with a diet pill they claim to be safer and efficient called Abidexin pm. The diet pill is said to be scientifically tested, safe and secure for weight economic loss. It also contains ingredients that help in diet control, better sleep and other medical benefits.



What is Abidexin PM?


It’s a weight loss supplement that is formulated for use on the night. The product is claimed to help users have the better sleep while losing pounds of excessive weight. The manufacturer of the pill is Nutripharm for weight control. Apidexin pm is an update of an earlier Apidexin pill. The capsule is designed to give users low appetite, reduce body and boost metabolism.


It’s made in the United States. Its manufacturers market the pill under Apidexin market and research. Little is known about the manufacturer company.



How it works.

The pills ingredients are formulated to help users have a better sleep as they burn calories. Research indicates that sleep is healthy for a body and helps people lose weight while they are asleep. These results are the fundamental principles behind the pill.

It’s claimed to reduce body fat helping users eat less. It also helps boosts metabolic rate.



Ingredients present in Apidexin PM


There are the main ingredients in Apidexin pm.

Abidexin PM Ingredients

Chromax (5600mcg) -it’s a form of chromium that increases health metabolism it promotes the faster burning of carbohydrates and fats. The compound acts as an appetite suppressant in the drug. It helps its users consume fewer calories resulting in faster weight loss.

Magnolia bark extract (150 mg) – it’s a natural supplement from Asia that is believed to aid weight loss. The extract also is known to be an active lean muscle builder though no scientific evidence is available to back this claim.

Irvingia Gabonesis (300mg) – its origin is West Africa. The fruit is said to aid weight loss and contains several other nutrients. It traditionally was used as food and medication.

Philodendron Amurense Bark (150mg) – it’s a Chinese tree herbal extract. It believed to help in weight reduction and appetite suppression. The scientific proof is minimal.

Melatonin, vitamin c & D3- they are valuable in boosting immune efficiency and weight loss. Melatonin is a sleep enhancement well documented, but excessive use can cause grogginess in morning




What’s the correct dosage for optimum results?


Since the diet pill works best before sleep, it’s recommended to take it at night before bedtime.

The right dosage is two capsules taken 30 minutes before bed time.

The pill has a high level of caffeine and, therefore, necessary for users to watch their caffeine intake. A single bottle of appendix pm lasts for 30 days with recommended dosage.




Does Abidexin PM have any side effects?

The pills have no reported side effects it’s strongly recommended to seek medical advice first for users with other medical complications. Some of the ingredients used in Apidexin PM like Irvingia Gabonesis causes flatulence.

Zinc causes stomach aches. The reaction is different depending on the users. None of the users have raised any serious concerns. It’s not advisable for pregnant or nursing mothers.

The instructions provided in the package indicate that the drug shouldn’t be mixed with alcohol. It also further warns the users of the diet pill to avoid driving or operating machines while taking the capsules.



Abidexin PM buying options


Abidexin pm is purchasable from the manufacturer’s website. Each packet contains 30 capsules retailing at $ 40. The price is adjusted downwards depending on the quantity ordered. The product is also available in E supplements .com other e-commerce sites like amazon.com.

The company offers free shipping for two or more bottles. Also, it also provides an open bottle of colon cleanses with a purchase of more than two Abidexin pm. The site supports various online payment platforms like Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, and PayPal.

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