Apex Vitality Forskolin – our full review

After Dr. Oz featured the product on his show, Forskolin was rocketed into the nation’s attention and became one of the leading weight-loss products on the market.

ApexVitality Forskolin – any good or is it a scam?

As verified by Dr. Oz and his program, Forskolin has an incredible ability to burn fat. Unfortunately, some companies are looking to exploit the product’s effectiveness and trap the people that are eager to try it for themselves.

By offering the product as a free trial, weight-loss supplement programs are hooking unwary customers into auto-ship programs, which end up shipping unwanted products and overcharging the recipients.
Apex Vitality Forskolin offers customers a trial period to try their product, but it’s possible the company may be working in a similar fashion to the above mentioned traps.
The Benefits Claimed by Apex Vitality Forskolin
Apex Vitality Forskolin’s website makes the following claims about its product:

– Burn away belly fat
– Increase your lean body mass
– Proven to accelerate your weight loss

By investigating the ingredients that are found in the product, we can verify whether or not these claims are accurate.

The Listed Ingredient of Apex Vitality Forskolin
The ingredient label featured on the website is not clearly viewable, but it is possible to make out that the product includes the recommended 125 mg of Forskolin.

Therefore, taking Apex Vitality Forskolin, along with a healthy diet and regular exercise, should be a beneficial supplement to anyone’s weight-loss efforts.

The Actual Cost of Apex Vitality Forskolin’s Trial
Apex Vitality Forskolin claims to have a free trial available, but this might be misleading.
To begin with, the recipients of the free trial will have to pay the $4.99 cost of postage. Another fee of $64.99 is charged if the free trial is not canceled within 14 days of the initial order.

It is not clearly marked, but when customers sign up for the free trial, they simultaneously enroll in an auto-ship program. As part of the automated shipments, customers will continue being charged for the product unless they cancel.

Is Apex Vitality Forskolin Scamming Customers?
Apex Vitality Forskolin’s stated claim that the product is initially available as a free trial is false. Besides the non-existent free trial, the other costs of the product are too expensive and the policies are misleading.
The misleading nature of the trial offer may cause people to call the Apex Vitality Forskolin program a scam.
Therefore, I cannot recommend the product, despite its proven ingredients. I believe people seeking to use a Forskolin supplement should find an alternative product.
Apex Vitality Forskolin’s Contact Information on the Website:
It is incredibly difficult to contact Apex Vitality Forskolin with any issues about the product or payment. The only information for contacting them that we could find was buried inside the terms and conditions of the free trial:
Phone: 1-844-273-9848
No email address could be found listed on the website.
Safe Alternatives for Apex Vitality Forskolin
Forskolin 250 is a much more cost effective and safe alternative to Apex Vitality Forskolin. Containing 250 mg of 20% Forskolin in every 2 capsules (one serving), the Forskolin 250 product should be considered in place of Apex Vitality Forskolin.
Forskolin 250 - no free trials, lowp prices, UK company - read our full review of Forskolin 250 here

Forskolin 250 – no free trials, low prices, UK company – read our full review of Forskolin 250 here

The Forskolin 250 product cost $53, but up to 40% savings are available on bulk package orders when purchased from BauerNutrition.com.
There is no free trial offer on this particular product, but Forskolin 250 does come with a 60 day money back guarantee with free worldwide shipping.
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