Coleus forskohlii: Is it Worth Trying?

For many Americans, weight loss is a top priority. There is nothing like feeling good about oneself. At the proper weight, people tend to feel lighter, more energetic, and much more confident. However, achieving weight loss can be a difficult journey, especially when the internet is littered with products that promise the next big

Forskolin Extract - available in Capsules - get it today

Forskolin Extract – available as Capsules – get it today

breakthrough in weight loss technology. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t real solutions out there.

One weight loss supplement that is really gaining traction is Coleus forskohlii. It is a crazy name, but it could be doing some good. Below are is some information about the product and its capabilities, and whether or not its claims are as real as the media has made them out to be.


What is it?

Technically known as Plectranthus barbatus, Coleus forskohlii is part of the mint family of herbs. Traditionally used as a method to treat asthma and related health problems, it has recently become known as an effective weight loss herb. This weight loss power results from the main compound of the product, known as forskolin.

To aid with weight loss, many products out there have begun implementing Coleus forskohlii into their weight loss supplements. The rule goes, if it contains the words: Coleus, forskohlii, or forskolin, then this weight loss herb is in it.


Weight Loss Capabilities

When it comes to weight loss products, it is necessary to be aware of how they work. In the case of Coleus forskohlii, the process is pretty simple. The body

Coleus forskohlii promotes Weight Loss

Coleus forskohlii promotes Weight Loss

contains a molecule known as cAMP, or cyclic AMTP. The main purpose of this molecule is to prompt communication between the body’s cells.

While it is responsible for relaying many types of message, one of the main messages that it communicates to the body is to increase an enzyme known as hormone sensitive lipase, which is responsible for weight loss.

Essentially, when users take Coleus forskohlii, the compound forskolin stimulates and thus increases the body’s production of cAMP, triggering the weight loss process.





Research results for Coleus Forskohlii

Every good and useful weight loss product has some solid research behind it to make its claims legitimate. When it comes to this product, there are many studies that were conduction, each of which showed some interesting results.

The first study published in 2005 in Obesity Research examined 30 overweight obese men and how taking a 250 mg supplement with 10% Coleus forskohlii

effected them. After taking the supplement twice a day for a time span of 12 weeks, found that their testosterone levels had increased while their body fat had decreased. Aside from testosterone increase, the men also exhibited an increase in lean body muscle. While this may seem like good news, it is also important to note that the placebo group also experienced an increase in testosterone and an increase in lean body mass. If both groups exhibited the same results, the effects of the supplement remain questionable. So, the answer for this study as it may have possibly led to weight loss, but there is no definite answer.

The second study examined the effect of the supplement on mildly overweight women. In the study, 23 women were given a 250 mg supplement with 10% CF extract. Over a 12 week period, and while taking the supplements twice a day, the results were quite interesting. While CF did not promote weight loss, it may have helped mitigate weight gain in the females. There were also no side effects.

While these two studies may seem contradictory, it is important to keep in mind that the groups studied are different. Males and females may have different reactions to certain compounds, and as these studies show, women seem to respond better to the supplement than men.


The Side Effects?

As evident by one of the studies, there have been no reported side effects for individuals that have taken this product. However, there is one recent study that does indicate that the supplement may alter enzyme P40, which is responsible for metabolizing medications.

Our verdict: Recommended

Therefore, for those that are currently taking any medications and are interested in using the supplement, it is best to consult their medical professional. In addition, any other research regarding the supplement’s affect upon people with heart disease or those that take blood thinners has not yet been conducted, and therefore it is also best to consult a medical professional if use is desired.


The Results and Alternatives

The final question of the day is whether or not this product works or not. Overall, based on the above evidence and medical studies, there is no

Coleus forskohlii Alternative - Phen375 Fatburner - find out more

Coleus forskohlii Alternative – Phen375 Fatburner – find out more

conclusive answer. Recently, Dr. Oz stated, “it works!” However, as the above information clearly shows, viewers and readers cannot always believe what a celebrity Dr. says.

The best method is to go by the true medical tests, and as they have it, the supplement may work for certain people.

Women seem to have better chances of seeing benefits, and men may possibly benefit. The best way to find out is to give it a try, as the chances may be in one’s favor in this case.

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