Garcinia Plus 100: Is this free trial a fraud?

Diet supplements abound in the diet aisles of most drug and grocery stores. Garcinia Cambogia is a popular ingredient in most supplements, since its appearance on the Dr. Oz show.
The newest supplement to join the diet supplement family, is Garcinia Plus 100. The question is: Does it really work?
Garcinia Plus 100 - a quality product or should you beware of buying it?

Garcinia Plus 100 – a quality product or should you beware of buying it?

Currently, there is a free trial offer given for this supplement, which is the only way to access this new supplement. Since it is not available in stories, a customer needs to go online to find information.
There is a major lack of information on this product, both specific information and testimonials. This lack should cause a customer to wonder where the product is coming from and how safe and effective it is. For any diet supplement, the question remains: does it work at all and does a person want to give this company his or her information?

The best way to investigate as to whether or not this supplement is a scam a person needs to examine the ingredients, its effectiveness, and the customer reviews or testimonials about the product. If a product is truly effective, or safe, then the free trial may be worth the time. The ingredients, testimonials, and other verified information are great ways to judge how effective a diet supplement is. If it worked for someone else, it may work for another.


Alleged claims of the product

Smart consumers research a product before he or she tries it. Before she wanted to try it, someone else has tried it and will be able to testify to its effectiveness. Most testimonials and claims about the product are similar:

  • Quick absorption for fast results
  • Encourages healthy weight loss
  • Effects the metabolism naturally

These claims are nice for those who want to lose weight. They are very generic and similar to other supplements claims about weight loss. The question remains: how effective is the product? In order to measure any supplements effectiveness, a person has to examine the ingredients.


Ingredients of the product

The ingredients list is where the problem is, because the bottle lacks a list. Upon researching the ingredients list, it is hard to find. Garcinia Cambogina is of course an ingredient in the product, but the claims can not be verified or investigated without a legitimate list of ingredients. The product claims that it is all natural Garcinia Cambogina, which cannot be verified.

The ingredients list is important, because a customer can examine it for fillers and other harmful ingredients. Without one, it looks like the company is hiding their ingredients.
The company can claim it wants to hide its ingredients to ensure security of their recipe. They have not made this claim so far. This product could contain harmful ingredients, like stimulants, or a low percentage of Garcinia Cambogina, which would make this product ineffective.
Is this a scam? Due to the lack of specific information, it could be.
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