Gastric Balloons – Do the Risks Outweigh the Benefits?

Recently there have been reports of a new diet pill on the market. This diet pill, called the Obalon Mini Gastric Balloon, works differently than Gastric Baloonsimilar products due to the fact that the pill is inflated after it is swallowed.
The Obalon Mini Gastric Balloon is intended for use by individuals who are more than 15 pounds overweight.
The main aim of the Obalon Mini Gastric Balloon is appetite suppression. This is accomplished by preventing overeating, thus preventing the stomach from being over filled. Since its release, certain reports have questioned whether or not the pill is a practical solution. There have also been concerns about safety.
How Does the Gastric Balloon Work
Ingesting the gastric balloon works much the same as ingesting any other pill. The pill is swallowed whole with a glass of water. A medical professional then inflates the gastric balloon to the appropriate size.
Gastric Baloon
This is usually approximately the size of an apple. Once inflation is complete, the tube is removed from the patient’s throat.
Is Gastric Balloon Inflation a New Technique
While gastric balloon inflation is not a new procedure, the Obalon Mini Gastric Balloon is unique in that it is ingested rather than surgically implanted.
A UK obesity expert observed that there are risks and possible complications associated with existing gastric banding procedures.
The gastric balloon could cause injury to the stomach and esophagus and could increase the risk of developing ulcers. Despite the risks, the Obalon Mini Gastric Balloon has completed various successful trials in the United Kingdom.
The manufacturers claim that the trials have had high success rates. The Daily Mail has featured multiple case studies involving Obalon, yet even they seem largely unconvinced.
The manufacturers state that the Obalon Mini Gastric Balloon is now available. They urge patients to book an appointment through their certified medical provider. The cost for the product is said to be £3000 – £4000.
Where Can the Obalon Balloon be Purchased
This product is not yet available for widespread distribution.
Individuals who are interested in the product are required to contact Obalon in order to schedule an appointment. During this appointment, eligibility will be determined for potential customers.
Eligible individuals will then be directed to an authorized medical professional. Even for those individuals who qualify, the price of the product is likely too expensive for most.
Are the Benefits of Obalon Balloon Worth the Risk
It is our opinion that gastric balloon inflation and other methods of gastric banding are too risky. The cost of the products/procedures is very high.
In addition to the expense, there are many possible complications for such invasive procedures. Common side effects range from cramps to ulcers. These side effects are possible even if there is no complication during ingestion.
The potential health problems and exorbitant cost are simply not worth it. This is especially true since there are many other products available that have been more extensively tested and are both less risky and less expensive.
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