Green Coffee Bean Extract Possible Side Effects

Dr. Oz frequently recommends nutritional products on his television program, causing many listeners to purchase and use those products. Many times, however, hucksters and con artists will begin to promote similar products while making the preposterous claim that their miracle remedies have no side effects at all. Such claims are evidence that these people are being dishonest.


All products, except for placebos, will have some side effects.

However, the side effects related to Green Coffee Extract are relatively mild. When controlled studies were conducted to determine the effectiveness of Green Coffee Extract on weight loss, there were no cases of side effects reported.

Green Coffee Extract is a natural product, derived from coffee beans which are raw or untoasted. According to experts, this product is quite safe for most people. It is important, however, that a high quality brand of Green Coffee extract is used. Cheaper products made with fillers may be more likely to cause discomfort.

One possible side effect of Green Coffee Extract is that it can give you “the jitters”. All Green Coffee Extracts contain caffeine, in varying amounts. However, some brands contain more caffeine than others. The brand we and Dr. Oz recommend is made from a decaffeinated brand of coffee. It is called Svetol and contains less than 8 mg of caffeine.

Green coffee extract vs regular Coffee

The average cup of coffee contains a whopping 100-150 mg of caffeine. Most brands of Green Coffee Extract do not use decaffeinated coffee. Testing performed by Consumerlabs showed levels of caffeine to be at about 40 mg or more. We recommend a cautious approach when beginning to use Green Coffee Extract. Begin with a low dosage and increase the dosage slowly so that any side effects will be relatively mild.

Please keep in mind that Green Coffee Extract is not intended for use by pregnant women or children. The effect of the product on pregnant women and children has not yet been studied. This caution also applies to women who are nursing.

Others who should avoid using Green Coffee Extract are those with liver or kidney conditions and those who are taking any prescription drugs.

What you should look for when buying Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Green Coffee Bean Extract

Before buying any health supplements, it is best to research the product thoroughly. While coffee bean pills have been proven to be safe and effective, each person should do enough research to determine if the product will meet their individual needs. Be sure to choose a product made from high-quality beans. It is best to look for beans with a minimum of 45% green coffee antioxidant or chlorogenic acid. Products without fillers , such as carbonites or sulfates, are best.

Some Green Coffee Extract products contain additional ingredients that are beneficial, such as raspberry ketone, 5 htp, or African Mango. SDF-4 contains each of these ingredients, along with Garcinia Cambogia and Green Tea.  Please look for customer reviews of health supplements before you buy them. If side effects are not mentioned by any current users of the product, there’s a good chance you won’t experience any yourself.


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