How to Use Fat Binders for Accelerating Weight Loss

People who are interested in losing weight may have recently come across information about fat binders. While they are yet to become as popular as fat burners, fat binders can be easily as effective depending on the needs of the individual user.

While there is still no substitution for good old-fashion diet and exercise, fat binders can help accelerate the process of losing weight when combined with the right health regimes.

This article examines the use of fat binders to help you make an informed decision about whether or not they are right for you.


How Do Fat Binders Work?

Fat binders work by forming a gel-like substance around fat cells as they are digested. This binding process prevents fat molecules from being absorbed by the body.

How Do Fat Binder Work

How Do Fat Binder Work

The gel then sits harmlessly inside your stomach, creating a feeling of fullness, until it is gradually passed through the body’s elimination process.


Who Will Have the Best Results?

Fat Binders

Fatbinders – helpful for those who tend to over-eat when feeling emotional or under stress

Fat binders are specifically designed to target fat molecules. For this reason, people who generally partake in a high-fat diet have the most potential to benefit from using fat binders.

However, fat binders will not be as effective for people whose diets are higher in carbohydrates or proteins, since they have no influence on these types of nutrients.

The molecule binding process does help suppress the appetite, leading to less over-eating. This can also be helpful for those who tend to over-eat when feeling emotional or under stress, as that type of eating is typically causes one to consume more fats.

The key to true dieting success is to address the mental aspects of over-eating. Only when the causes of stress and emotional eating are discovered and resolved can a diet plan that includes the use of fat binders really be effective.


What Else Do I Need to Know?

Fat binders are not a magical solution. They do not absorb every molecule of fat that you consume. Results will vary depending on the fat burner you are using and your individual body. However, you can expect them to absorb anywhere from 25%-50% of your overall fat consumption.

These products will decrease the amount of calories your body is able to absorb. Despite that benefit, you should still monitor your caloric intake to avoid the continual gaining of weight.

Fat Binders: Absorb up to 50% of overall fat consumption

The use of fat binders causes upset digestion in some individuals. You should begin with a small dosage and gradually increase as you gauge your body’s reaction.

Fat binders are beneficial tools for those who want to decrease the absorption of fat and suppress their appetite. Combined with a healthy attitude towards

Proactol XS - absorbs fat up to 800 times it's own weight - read our full review here

Proactol XS – absorbs fat up to 800 times it’s own weight – read our full review here

food, they can really help you achieve your weight loss goals.

One specific brand of fat binder, Proactol XS, has been clinically proven to be 33% more effective than other fat binding products on the market. While Proactol has been a best-selling weight loss supplement for a number of years, the recent Proactol XS innovation means that it binds up to 800 times more fat than its own weight. It also works as an appetite suppressant to help you feel full and therefore less inclined to over-eat. This product is all-natural, so you will not have to worry about consuming harmful chemicals while you watch your weight begin to go down. Proactol XS is also a vegetarian-friendly, Halal and Kosher-certified product. Best of all, many users see results of Proactol XS in as little a few days!

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