The Hype Surrounding the Oxyshred Supplement

EHP Labs has introduced Oxyshred, a breakthrough supplement that quickly allows women and men to reduce fat, lose extra pounds and transform body composition.

Although it is new to the market, Oxyshred has gained traction and is at the top of the 2016 list for thermogenic supplements.

While it is clear that the product has made a favorable impression, that does not mean the hype around it is justified.

This review will examine the good and bad points regarding Oxyshred while spotlighting its ingredients and how they work in the body.

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EHP Labs Official Oxyshred Review

The Oxyshred product is designed to assist a person in weight and fat loss. It works by increasing the metabolic rate in the body and boosts energy levels during exercise. The main objective of Oxyshred is to keep energy levels up during workouts to maximize the fat-burning effect.

Oxyshred is packaged in a 300-gram canister, which is a 30-day supply when used as directed at two scoops per day. The product is offered in many tasty flavors, including pink grapefruit and wild melon. Unlike some of its competitors, Oxyshred does not leave an aftertaste.


The Ingredients Used in Oxyshred

The supplement contains 16 vital ingredients that are derived from HyperLypolysis compounds. These compounds work to boost immunity and metabolism while increasing fat loss and improving mood. Oxyshred also provides all necessary B vitamins.

The product includes the following ingredients:

• Insulin fiber. This suppresses the appetite and lowers bad cholesterol levels.

African Wild Mang. This is an excellent fat reducer that has created some controversy.

Acetyl L-Carnitine. This burns fat and lessens fatigue by increasing energy levels.

Higenamine HCL. This helps boost performance during exercise.

• Chromium picolinate. This benefits diabetics by lowering insulin and blood sugar.

• Green coffee bean extract. This provides chlorogenic acid, which prevents the stomach from absorbing calories. It also contains caffeine, which has been used for centuries to elevate focus, energy and mood. An added benefit is the elimination of free fatty acids during workout sessions.

Other Oxyshred ingredients are caffeine, taurine and tyrosine to boost performance, increase alertness and lower stress. L-glutamine and vitamin C increase the body’s immune response.


The Benefits of Using Oxyshred

The product offers several benefits:

• Weight loss. By utilizing a blend of ingredients that increase energy, raise metabolism and burn fat, Oxyshred provides all the essential tools for weight reduction. It also works hard to elevate mood and improve immunity while blocking cravings and hunger that can get in the way of success. Mental and physical fatigue are the primary reasons why weight loss programs fail.

• Safety. Unlike other similar products, Oxyshred puts the focus on increasing metabolism and fat loss rather than just adding more stimulants. This makes the supplement safe for people who cannot tolerate caffeine.

• Highly thermogenic. When using Oxyshred, a person can still burn fat even if they do not exercise. This happens because the product increases body temperature, which leads to a boosted metabolism and more calories burned, allowing a person to achieve weight-loss goals whether they work out or not.

• Energy boosting. The supplement provides an energy increase that helps a person exercise harder and faster, which leads to more fat loss.

• Good flavor. Oxyshred is available in several delicious flavors, including kiwi strawberry, passion fruit, wild melon, pink grapefruit, mango and guava paradise. A supplement with good flavor makes it easier to use for long-term weight and fat loss.

• Excellent value. The supplement offers 60 servings per container, unlike other products that provide 30 to 50 servings. One container of Oxyshred will last for a minimum of 30 days.


The Drawbacks of Using Oxyshred

While the supplement provides many benefits, there are factors of the product that some may consider negative.

• Product tolerance. As with other similar products, it may take some time to build a level of tolerance for the recommended daily intake.

• Multiple ingredients. Oxyshred uses a large number of ingredients and because the formula is proprietary, it is not possible to gauge how much of each ingredient is actually used. This can make it difficult to determine how much to use, especially when a person is just starting out.

• Sweet flavor. The flavors offered by Oxyshred have an exceptionally sweet taste. This may be unappealing to some people, but the effect can be reduced by using the product with a large quantity of water.


Is It Worth Trying Oxyshred?

People vary in their needs for fat burning, weight loss and energy boosting. Oxyshred offers a product that tastes pleasant and contains many quality ingredients. Like any other supplement, it may not be for everyone, but the extensive thermogenic effect does make it an attractive option.

Whether a person is simply trying to maintain weight and body fat percentage or works out at a high level daily, a thermogenic supplement will provide the extra energy boost and mood enhancement to keep a program on track.

A common issue with fat-burning supplements is they stop working after all the excess pounds are gone. A thermogenic product like Oxyshred is an excellent maintenance tool that helps a person continue to burn fat and stay at an ideal weight while enjoying healthy ingredients and exceptional flavors. The product keeps hunger at bay, which allows for a pleasant mood and ensures a positive experience.

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