Is the Green Coffee Cleanse Ultra Trial Worthwhile?

Detox is one of the main methods for losing weight because it rids the body of toxic build-up from unhealthy food and other things such as alcohol and cigarette smoke. Along with detox,

Green Coffee Cleanse Ultra

Green Coffee Cleanse Ultra – is it really that good?

green coffee beans have been recommended as a supplement that will both help with weight loss and detox the body.

Many consumers have tried the low cost trial offer for Green Coffee Cleanse Ultra detox and weight loss and been a bit disappointed because after the initial low-cost trial they were billed a huge amount for the next installment.

Is the supplement worth the cost? The only way to know is to examine the ingredients and cost to determine if it is a scam or not.


The Green Coffee Cleanse Ultra Claims

The Green Coffee Cleanse Ultra has claimed to help users lose wright naturally. It claims to shrink the waistline, boost metabolism and increase energy levels all while detoxing the system.

Can the ingredients in the supplement deliver all of these benefits?


The Ingredients in Green Coffee Cleanse Ultra

The formula of the supplement lists green coffee beans, flax seed oil, oat bran, fennel seeds, citrus pectin, and ginger, goldenseal with no binders, fillers or any artificial ingredients. The only dosage amount given is for the green coffee, which is low at 400mg. It is essential to know the dosage of all the ingredients in order to determine if they can deliver on their claims.


The Green Coffee Cleanse Ultra Cost

The 30-day introductory trial of the Green Coffee Cleanse Ultra costs $9.95. This covers the shipping and is a very low price. However, after about 18 days, the second installment will be shipped and the customer will be charged $79.96. This monthly charge will continue until the customer cancels the auto-ship program that they signed up for when they first agreed to the low, introductory offer.


The Green Coffee Cleanse Ultra Scam or Not?

Technically, the auto-sign up is not a scam, and the Thumbs Downcustomer could have known in advance what the price of the supplement is if they had carefully read the terms and conditions of the low, introductory offer.

However, it is commonly thought of as a scam because most people don’t read the terms and conditions and only later realize they are automatically being sent and billed for the supplement at the original price.

Our verdict:
Not recommended


Cheap, introductory offers are often the way a company attracts customers to sign up for their product, so they can charge their regular price later. The customer gives his or her credit card number, and agrees to be billed every month simply by taking the low-cost offer. This is the main reason onsumers should avoid this type of offer.


Contact the Green Coffee Cleanse Ultra Directly

The Green Coffee Cleanse Ultra has a number 1-877-932-4730 and an email address that customers can use to discontinue the automatic sending and billing of the supplement. If you have an RMA, you can write to this address to stop the recurring billing.

Fulfillment Canter
1885-B Beaver Ridge Circle
Norcross, GA, 30071


There Are Alternatives to Green Coffee Cleanse Ultra

The Green Coffee Bean Cleanse is an alternative to the Green Coffee

Svetol Green Coffee Detox Combo - the better and safer way to lose weight - get it today

We recommend: Svetol Green Coffee Detox Combo – the better and safer way to lose weight – get it today

Cleanse Ultra that has been proven to work. It can be purchased from Evolution Slimming.

The cost is about 20 percent lower and the customer gets 2000 mg of pure green coffee as well as DetoxPlus, which will give the detox benefits.

It is not recommended to waste time and money on products that are expensive, do not list the dosage of the ingredients and automatically charged the full price.

Stay on the safe side and
get Svetol Green Coffee Detox Combo now

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