Lose Weight this Fall and Be Ready for the Holidays!

Summer weather can take its toll, whether by exhaustion from the heat and humidity or from overindulgence on ice cream, fair food, and during picnics or barbecues.
Autumn Weightloss
Once children go back to school, shorter, cooler days soon follow.
Perhaps your swimsuit wasn’t as becoming the last time you wore it when compared to how it fit at the end of May.
Is that little black dress now a bit too tight? In just a couple of months, gatherings with cocktails, sweets, and food too good to forego will abound. It’s almost as if you were going on a cruise with all the food you might consume.
By changing your lifestyle this fall, you can look forward to the coming months.

Autumn is the perfect time to prepare for the celebrations and the decrease in outdoor activity of the upcoming winter season.

Breakfast should be a daily must, since it provides needed energy during shorter days which could tend to make us lazy. Try oatmeal topped with fruit (a natural sweetener) and water or skimmed milk. Lovers of sweets can bake pears and apples topped with cinnamon and orange juice and serve with low-fat custard. You can use any remaining juice for your oatmeal. Fall seasonal vegetables are full of nutrients and dietary fiber.
Healthy Foods
Fresh seasonal vegetables are less likely to contain preservatives and toxins that might negatively impact your digestion and weight loss. Stews and soups, using broccoli, squash, sweet potatoes, sprouts, and cauliflower, are warming and delicious. In addition, these are low in fat, rather inexpensive, and easy to prepare.
Snack lovers can enjoy cherry tomatoes, berries, and apples – all wonderfully delicious choices during the fall. Herbal teas, cleansing and healthy, are a great substitute for hot chocolate on chilly nights and can boost your metabolism. Heat-generating spices, such as chillies or cayenne, help to keep the blood flowing.
In weight loss, not only is your diet important, but dedicated exercise should be part of your daily plan.

Begin your day with an invigorating morning workout; putting this off until evening might result in no exercise at all. With low humidity, cooler temperatures, and gentle breezes, autumn is the perfect time for outdoor exercise and activities. Ride your bike or take a long Joggingwalk. Spruce up your garden with mulch and fall plantings. Pick some fresh fruit to enjoy in your recipes or as a snack.

If you love to run or jog, this is the weather for it. On days that the weather hinders your workouts, try weights and exercise videos. Inclement weather should not prevent you from getting into shape. Should you get bored with the exercises, modify them. Different muscles will benefit when you change your routine.

To get your started on the Autumn Weight Loss Plan, here’s an easy, inexpensive recipe:

– Peel 5 carrots, 5 parsnips, 1 sweet potato, and 2 onions, all medium size.
– Chop 2 celery stalks as well as the vegetables above.
– Place in large pot, add 2 bay leaves, and cover with chicken/vegetable stock.
– Bring to boil, reduce heat, cover with lid, and simmer until the vegetables are
– Remove bay leaves, add low-fat milk, and blend until smooth.
Good luck! By following these suggestions, plus your own great ideas for weight loss, you can achieve much. The holiday season will be exciting for the new you!
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