Losing weight with Acai, is it really that simple?

Who hasn’t experienced it: Spring is coming and you would like to quickly drop a few pounds, so you can show yourselves in your summer clothes. But most diets usually

Acai Berries - can they help you lose weight?

Acai Berries – can they help you lose weight?

only exacerbate your weight problem. Because if the body has registered that food is being withheld from him, it throttles its energy consumption.

If you start eating normally again, your weight rises to new heights. You often lack the discipline for a long-term change in diet right after an exhausting diet.

A recent discovery could change that now. The Acai berry will not only provide an efficient fat burning, but also decreases appetite.



Antioxidants are believed to purify the body

The Acai berry seems to be a true miracle cure for weight loss: First vitamin bomb, now fat burner and appetite suppressant of the rich and beautiful. So, diets are superfluous now? Actually, that’s a bit too much positive characteristics to be

Acai Berries can promote fat burning and reduce your appetite

Acai Berries can promote fat burning and reduce your appetite

true. When marketing on the Internet, the high proportion of antioxidants is often advertised.

In fact, science does see a positive effect from the intake of antioxidants, so it has been observed that the risk of cancer decreases. Also, the cholesterol levels supposedly should normalize.

The relationship between these ingredients and a weight reduction has, however, not been established. And the inclusion of unsaturated fatty acids is paradoxically necessary, especially for the fat metabolism.

However, these fatty acids are not just found in the Acai berry but also in many other foods.




“Fat burning formula” sought in vain

All ingredients contained in the Acai berry, can – though usually in lower

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concentrations – be found in many other foods such as cereals, vegetables or fish. Coffee, blueberries or pomegranate also contain antioxidants. While it is undisputed that many of the ingredients have a positive effect on, or are even required, for fat loss. But the claim that you can lose a few pounds in a short time, is wrong.

So, what remains in the end is that it does not work without a fundamental change in diet rather than just a diet. The Acai berry is undoubtedly healthy – the promised miracle cure

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