How The Morning Banana Diet can Help You Lose Weight

Japan was the first to provide the newest diet craze to the United States, simply known as the Morning Banana Diet.

This diet is both simple to do and cheap to live by, and can help you lose weight quickly.


What the Morning Banana Diet Actually Is

This diet was structured around people who need to lose weight but do not want to mess around with a complicated diet. This particular diet promises a weight loss of anywhere up to 35 pounds.

The Japanese have stated that this diet is for those who don’t want to read a book about a diet plan but need a bit of structure to their lives.


The Rules of the Diet

The Morning Banana Diet was originally called the “Asa Banana Diet”. The steps to the diet have been translated as follows:

Step #1: Have a banana for breakfast. You are permitted to eat more than just one banana if you would like, but never too many that you feel too full. Only have raw, uncooked bananas for breakfast. You may also substitute another fruit if you would like to.

Step #2: Eat what you want for meals. On this diet plan, you can eat whatever you wish for lunch and dinner, as long as you stop when you start to feel satisfied. You cannot eat after 8pm, so be sure to plan your meals accordingly. Also, you are not permitted to eat any type of dessert on this diet plan.

Step #3: Water is the only beverage you should be drinking. Do not drink hot or cold water, only room temperature water. No soft drinks or juices should be consumed.

Drink the water in small sips instead of all at once. If it is a special occasion, you are permitted to drink wine or beer in moderation.

Step #4: Pay attention to what you eat. Eat mindfully by focusing on the taste and texture of the food you are eating. In doing so, you will gain more satisfaction from your meal.

Step #5: Exercise if you wish. It is important to get in at least 20 minutes of exercise per day. But with this diet, there is no pressure to exercise more often or harder than you already do. Even a small walk every day will be enough.

Step #6: An afternoon snack is allowed. You can have a snack on the Morning Banana Diet, as long as it is small and around 3 pm. Chocolate and cookies are allowed, along with salty snacks such as popcorn. Ice cream, crisps, and donuts are not permitted. Make sure to pay attention to the salt content of your foods.

Step #7: Fall asleep early. Aim to fall asleep before midnight, or earlier if you get up very early in the morning. Make sure that your last meal or snack happens at least four hours before you go to sleep.

Step #8: Write everything down in a food diary. A food diary will show you any progress you have made and allows you to keep track of everything you are doing. You can also make changes easier by seeing what works and what doesn’t.


Does This Diet Help You Lose Weight?

When you look at the steps to this weight loss program, it is easy to see that weight loss can be achieved. You should be careful consuming snacks, as too many can really affect how many calories you ingest per day.

However, by sticking to this diet plan you are more than likely to lose weight, especially if your goal is between one and 35 pounds.

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