Our 2014 in-depth “Pure Life Cleanse” review

Today there are many proponents of colon cleansing and its benefits for the body. Many people claim that colon cleansing is an effective way to detoxify, refresh the lower digestion tracts,and lose weight.

Pure Life Cleanse is one such product designed to manage the body’s excess waste and toxicity to healthier levels.


What is Pure Life Cleanse?

Pure Life Cleanse is an herbal product that claims to be used to detoxify the body Pure Life Cleanseand cleanse the colon by getting rid of excess waste that builds up over time. The idea is that as your body is cleaned, specifically in the intestines and colon, it will become easier to absorb nutrients, boosting metabolism and leading to weight loss.

Pure life Cleanse is designed to give your body a fresh start by getting rid of the old to make room for the new, so to speak. Boasting to increase energy levels and a flat stomach, what exactly makes this product so potent?



Pure Life Cleanse Ingredients

Many of these ingredients that are found in Pure Life Cleanse make for a strong case for the benefits. Many of these ingredients have already had their time in the Pink Psyllium Seedspotlight as health powerhouses.

The website lists a number of ingredients such as Licorice Root, which is a mild laxative, acai berries which is high in fiber, and Senna leaf which also encourages bowel movements in the intestinal tract.

Fiber seems to be a big player with ingredients such as flax seed powder, apple fibers, psyllium husk along with ginger root and rhubarb. All of these ingredients on their own sound beneficial enough but how does their combination support the claims of Pure Life Cleanse?



How Pure Life Cleanse Works

The idea is to help the body metabolize carbohydrates into energy while at

Get rid of toxins

Get rid of toxins with Pure Life Cleanse

the same time the fiber would clean the lower digestion tracts. The claim is that Pure Life Cleanse helps regain a balance of the bacteria in your colon. Too much bacteria and/or parasites in the system leads to a mucous buildup that slows the absorption of vitamins and minerals.

By cleaning the lower digestion tracts it breaks up that mucous buildup to allow more nutrients to enter the system. The body then gets more out of the food that is eaten and therefore less is needed; less intake also contributes to the weight loss.


Pure Life Cleanse Clinical Studies

Pure Life Cleanse makes a compelling case that may lead some to believe in its cleansing properties, but what the doctor may say makes some wonder if they are getting exactly what they are paying for. Many of the claims made by Pure Life Cleanse are not FDA approved as they don’t have much research to back up the promises being made.

What studies have been made are largely indecisive and little is found to support that colon cleansing detoxifies the body. While there is nothing unhealthy about Pure Life Cleanse, the extra fiber is a big plus when it comes to digestion related problems such as constipation.

There is little to support extreme weight loss due to the product actively affecting the body. There are many who support and swear by Pure Life Cleanse, but the jury is still out when it comes to the Medical Community and its detoxifying properties.


Pure Life Cleanse Side Effects

As with any lifestyle or dietary change your body will need time to adjust. Also it is important to talk to your healthcare provider before starting a cleansing program as the body and results do vary.

As is common with many cleansing programs there is an emphasis on hydration. The ingredients found in Pure Life Cleanse do absorb a lot of water as they expand; most fiber supplements are meant to be taken with lots of water and, considering its fiber content, Pure Life Cleanse is no different.

It has also been reported that feelings of hunger and fatigue are caused by the body adjusting to a new diet, especially if used with a diet plan. Eating less food causes your metabolism to slow down and therefore may cause low energy.

It is important to note here that Pure Life Cleanse, as with other colon cleansing programs, may interfere with some medications. Some studies have shown that medications that treat diabetes, seizures, high cholesterol, or heart problems are sometimes not properly absorbed while taken with a colon cleanser.


Usage Instructions

To use Pure Life Cleanse, it only takes an extra step in your morning and evening routine. The kit comes with two bottles, a morning supplement and an evening supplement. Two capsules and a glass of water is the recommended dosage for both morning and night. This is to be done over the course of fifteen days for maximum results.

It does not specify if it should be taken with a meal, but it is certainly not a meal

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replacement plan. Taking more than directed is not advised and should not be used simultaneously with another colon cleansing program.

The supplements should be taken with water and not substituted for soda or milk. The water helps counteract the absorbing properties of the product and keeps you hydrated.


Where to buy Pure Life Cleanse

Pure Life Cleanse is easily accessible online from their main website, www.thepurelifecleanse.com where you can read more about the product itself and order a free trial.

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