Our 2017 full in-depth PhenQ fatburner review

Are you looking for a revolutionary new diet pill that will safely supercharge your weight loss? If so, PhenQ fatburner might just be the supplement right for you!

We tested PhenQ to see how if it really can help you lose weight

Have you been taking other brands of diet pills, but they’ve slowly stopped working? You may have developed a tolerance to them, bringing your weight loss to a halt. Don’t let this happen to you! PhenQ is designed to be effective on everyone, from dieters just starting out to those who have plateaued and are losing hope they’ll ever reach their ideal weight.


PhenQ is a welcome addition to the weight loss supplements market. Here’s why:


+ it can help burn unwanted belly and thigh fat fast

+ it help you reduce food cravings

+ clinically tested ingredients

+ 100% natural, vegan friendly


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What Can PhenQ Offer Me?

Bauer Group DMCC developed this product, building on their experience producing diet pills like Meratol and Proactol XS.

They have created a broad-spectrum supplement that fights weight gain in several ways.

PhenQ - how it works


It blocks fat production by turbocharging your metabolism and setting your body into fatburning mode, and it slashes food cravings.

It raises mood, enhances focus and mental clarity, and improves overall energy. It even encourages muscle growth.

Bauer Nutrition believes that PhenQ combines the power and functionality of numerous different weight loss pills into one multipurpose supplement.



PhenQ: What It’s Made Of and how does it work?

PhenQ is created from all-natural ingredients that have been prepared and combined using the same techniques and standards as pharmaceuticals.

PhenQ Formula Ingredients

Bauer has developed a secret ingredient, α-LACYS RESET®, which is scientifically proven to help you burn body fat.


This thermogenic formula is the cornerstne of this all-in-one supplement, combining the best of their previous weight loss products into an ultimate fatburning pill.

Other major ingredients in PhenQ include vitamin B3 (niacin), caffeine, piperine, calcium carbonate, chromium, L-Carnitine, and extracts of capsicum and Nopal Cactus.

There is no information on what makes up PhenQ’s proprietary α-LACYS RESET® formula.




How Do PhenQ and α-LACYS RESET® Help You Lose Weight?

The formula for α-Lacys Reset is a well-kept secret. Bauer Nutrition hasn’t revealed what’s in it, but they have explained how it works.

α-LACYS RESET® is a thermogenic agent. It creates natural, rapid fat loss by boosting your energy and speeding your body’s metabolism.



What else? α-LACYS RESET® increases the calories your body burns, melting away fat stores. That sped-up metabolism comes into play here, increasing thermogenesis through burning even more calories.

α-LACYS RESET® does much more than decrease body weight. As your fat melts away, your muscle growth is stimulated. Increased muscle mass is a unique bonus offered by this diet pill.

The other ingredients in PhenQ support the function of α-LACYS RESET®. They work together to enhance the weight loss effects of the pill in a variety of ways.

PhenQ Powerful Ingredients help shed your body fat fast!

PhenQ Powerful Ingredients help shed your body fat fast!


Consider capsimax powder. This blend of capsicum extract, piperine, niacin, and caffeine all enhance the metabolism, It also increases mental focus, clarity, and memory.

Calcium carbonate is an odd component in a weight loss pill, isn’t it?

This mineral is usually known for keeping bones healthy, but it also encourages your cells to reduce their fat stores. The released fat is then disposed of by PhenQ’s other ingredients.

Nopal Cactus also sets PhenQ apart from other diet pills. It’s a high-fiber herb that works holistically, helping you feel full on less food while also purging toxins from your digestive system. It contains L-Carnitine, a well-known fat-burning amino acid which can enhance memory.

The last major ingredient in PhenQ is chromium. This mineral, common to most weight loss supplements, reduces sugar cravings. When combined with Nopal Cactus, it also lowers appetite.



How Safe Is PhenQ Fatburner?

Search through online literature and you won’t find any known side effects. This cutting-edge supplement is too new to have a large number of customer reviews yet, but PhenQ’s ingredients can be analyzed to guess at whether it’s free of side effects or not.

    PhenQ is 100% natural, so there's a little chance of side effects

PhenQ is 100% natural, so there’s a little chance of side effects

How? Like most thermogenic diet supplements, the fatburning stimulants in PhenQ may adversely affect certain people. The most significant stimulants in the formula are caffeine and piperine. These encourage weight loss, but they are also known to have side effects typical of stimulant overuse.

People with a known caffeine allergy should be cautious about PhenQ.

It’s also worth noting that the amounts of each ingredient within the pills are not made clear, making it difficult to definitively say how potent the PhenQ fatburner formula is.

As with all diet regimens, you’re encouraged to talk to a doctor before starting PhenQ.



How to Use PhenQ For Fat Loss

According to Bauer Nutrition, the recommended dose is one PhenQ pill with breakfast, another with lunch, and none afterward.


PhenQ Fat Burner - right dosage

The recommended dose of PhenQ is: two pills a day.

You’re also discouraged from taking PhenQ after 3 PM; the stimulants can interfere with sleep cycles.

Given that PhenQ contains caffeine, Bauer Nutrition suggests not taking other caffeinated products like tea or cola while using this supplement.



So would you recommend PhenQ for losing weight?

PhenQ is new to the weight loss supplement market and hasn’t yet built up a reputation. Although there isn’t a wealth of information and reviews of it, its manufacturer has a name for quality supplements that offer great results.

Bauer Nutrition is respected and well-known by dieters for their years of experience producing weight loss pills. They are backing their newest product with a 60 day guarantee of satisfaction or your money back, which is plenty of time to determine if PhenQ is right for you.

I personally recommend PhenQ for a number of reasons:

+ First, it offers a powerful, comprehensive weight loss, from appetite reduction to fat burning to muscle growth.

+ It also offers other health benefits like enhanced memory.

+ The formula is 100% natural ingredients with no known side effects. Finally, PhenQ has a money back guarantee.

However, even recommended products have certain disadvantages. In this case, the amounts of each ingredient is not listed, making it difficult to determine whether rare allergies such as caffeine sensitivity may be triggered.



Where Can You Buy PhenQ?

This supplement is unavailable in stores and online retailers. You can, however, purchase it directly from its official website. A quality supplement like this is also pricey – in this case  USD 65.95 for a bottle (or £45.95 if you’re from England).

But if you order a larger package, say 2 bottles you get a bonus: 1 free bottle, which lowers the price to 46 USD (£30.60) per bottle.

Genuine PhenQ can be purchased only on their official website PhenQ.com


And if you’re really serious about long term weight loss, we definitely recommend the 3 bottle pack where you get 2 bottles free.


So for just 199,85 USD (£129.95) you get 5 bottles of PhenQ (one bottle lasts for a month). That lowers the price per bottle to only 39,95 USD (£25.99).


Buy PhenQ in UK for cheap

Achieve your weight loss goals faster with help of PhenQ.

Get your bottle today

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6 thoughts on “Our 2017 full in-depth PhenQ fatburner review

  1. karen

    Been using PhenQ for 16 days now and I must say I’m pleasantly surprised. I feel more energetic and I wanna do more sport activities like before. My hunger cravings are also lower (I don’t eat so much sweets in the evening). I’ve lost 2,5 pounds and my goal is to lose another 3 in the next 20 days.


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