Our FULL REVIEW of Capsiplex

If you are one of the millions of Americans who struggles with weight gain and weight loss, stop spending your cash on crazy fad diets and weight loss programs and invest in a simple solution – Capsiplex.



Capsiplex products are well known throughout Europe and are considered to be a secret beauty remedy for many celebrities and individuals in the public eye.


Capsiplex, which is developed from the Capsicum pepper, helps your body worker faster and smarter as it burns calories throughout the day. If you are looking for a high-impact natural dietary product to help supplement your weekly exercise regimen, Capsiplex is the perfect product for you.



Capsiplex – what’s inside?


Capsiplex is an effective weight loss choice because it helps the body naturally burn calories. Unlike some weight loss products that rely on harmful ingredients like guarana and amphetamines, Capsiplex is created from a blend of 100% natural ingredients, which include caffeine, capsicum extract, niacin and piperine.

Capsiplex Ingredients

Capsiplex’s active ingredients, red pepper and capsaicinoids, work to increase the body’s temperature – speeding up the body’s metabolism and increasing weight loss. Other active ingredients include:

• Caffeine

Capsiplex contains some caffeine, which helps give the product an energizing boost and increases the breakdown of lipids and fat oxidation.

• Capsicum

Capsicum is the naturally occurring component found in spicy chili, bell and sweet peppers. For hundreds of years peppers have been used as a dietary supplement due to their effectiveness at curbing the appetite, increasing the body’s metabolism and aiding in digestion. Capsaicinoids are the specific compounds that produce the heat and spice that embody hot peppers.

• Piperine

In order to ensure the body is able to utilize capsicum and the other ingredients found in Capsiplex, the makers of the product added piperine, or black pepper extract, which improves the body’s absorptive abilities. Piperine, which is plant-based, provides a spicy kick and also helps the body absorb vitamin B and beta-carotene.

• Niacin

Niacin helps to regulate hormones and the adrenal glands. It also works to improve circulation and reduce negative cholesterol and triglycerides levels.



How Exactly Does  Capsiplex Work?

While most weight loss solutions require individuals to fast, exercise, restrict foods and give up alcohol, Capsiplex only requires a person to take a pill once a day to start shedding weight. There are no meal plans or food restrictions with Capsiplex and individuals are not required to engage in regular exercise in order to obtain results. Capsiplex’s special formula works with your body to boost your metabolism naturally.

Capsiplex Results


In order to get the best results, be sure to take one Capsiplex pill a day. It is recommended that individuals take the pill in the morning, preferably 30 minutes to an hour before they plan to engage in workout.

The makers of the product also wanted to design a special pill capsule that would allow the product to be distributed inside the body without causing irritation. Since capsaicinoids have been known to cause stomach irritation in some people, the makers of the product developed the Capsiplex Beadlet Design, which serves as a PH-sensitive coating that allows the pill to empty into the intestines instead of the stomach.



The Many Benefits Of Using Capsiplex

One of the reasons Capsiplex has found so much success with celebrity consumers is because it provides results. One of the most appealing facts about Capsiplex is that it helps individuals burn an extra 278 calories per day.

Capsicum, the active ingredient in the product, is able to trigger weight loss by converting excess calories into heat instead of fat.

Capsiplex Benefits


As listed on the product website, the supplement burns 3-times more calories while resting and increases your calorie-burning power by 3% while exercising.

Capsiplex is beloved by its users for its gentle formula and effective results. Capsiplex gives individuals the power to put meaningful dieting into their own hands and does not restrict and require those who use the product to alter their lifestyle or daily schedules.

If you are interested in the benefits of Capsiplex and want more information about the product, be sure to review the medical studies and clinical trials that prove Capsiplex’s effectiveness. The Capsiplex clinical trial revealed that individuals who took the supplement experienced more energy and had 7.5% greater oxygen levels during physical activities.

Capsiplex Studies


Individuals who used the product also burned 12 times more calories after exercising compared to people who had not taken the product.


Individuals were able to achieve these remarkable results because of Capsiplex’s ability to increase the body’s fat oxidation rate, or the process of transferring excess fat to human energy. The core idea behind Capsiplex is the use of natural pepper extracts to promote weight loss.

In case you are weary of trying a pepper-based dieting remedy, you might feel more comfortable knowing capsicum-based weight loss supplements have been studied and researched by scientists for over 30 years.



Capsiplex: In The News and Media

While knowledge of Capsiplex has long been whispered between celebrities, awareness about Capsiplex’s impressive results has recently resulted in media attention. Capsiplex was featured in several UK newspapers and online news blogs such as the Daily Mail, Daily Express and Daily Star.

Capsiplex Testimonials

In addition to newspaper features, celebrities such as Kate Staples and Nicola McClean also endorse the product.



Where To Purchase Capsiplex


If you are interested in a 100% natural dieting supplement that provides proven results, be sure to give Capsiplex a try. The product can only be purchased on the Capsiplex website, BauerNutrition.com. You can’t purchase Capsiplex in any local pharmacies or health stores like Boots, GNC, Wallmart.



And buying Capsiplex on Amazon or Ebay doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get the genuine product. So we recommend buying in on the official website. Plus at BauerNutrition you get 60 day money back guarantee with free shipping worldwide. That means you can purchase Capsiplex from Australia, UK, New Zealand, USA or just about anywhere in the world.

Capsiplex is available in one, three (2 + 1 FREE) and six month (3 + 3 FREE) supplies.


The one-month supply package retails for $48, while the three-month supply retails for $92. The 6-month supply package retails for $138.


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