Our in-depth review of Biocore Trim

This article is a review of the product BIOCORE TRIM, which is a diet pill that claims to be able to get rid of fat and detoxify the body.
This inquiry into Biocore Trim will help individuals decide if this product will help them with their weight loss or detox needs.
What is Biocore Trim and What Does it Promise?

It must first be noted that Biocore Trim does not have an official website. This product can only be found on a few retailer’s websites. Many of the websites presenting or reviewing this product either held little information, or were poorly translated.

Biocore Trim

This already makes the product questionable, however, this review will continue to decipher the claims made by Biocore Trim.

This product claims to be able to:

-Reduce excess pounds
-Help maintain weight
-Boost the metabolism
-Detoxify the body

Biocore Trim comes in pill form, but is marketed to be taken in combination with another product, which is called Pure Renewal Cleanse. This product claims to aid in detoxification and cleanse the colon.

The products are sold separately.

What’s in the Pills: Biocore Trim Ingredients

The formula for Biocore Trim contains two ingredients that are popular in the diet and weight loss market today: green coffee and raspberry ketones. Let’s look into these ingredients further:

Raspberry ketones:

Raspberry Ketone

Raspberry ketone is a chemical that is found in raspberries. Although reliable scientific evidence is lacking on this matter, it is still believed that raspberry ketones can help with weight loss. It does so by increasing levels of the hormones adrenalin and adiponectin in the body. These hormones both play a role in the the fat-burning process. They can also help prevent fat accumulation in the tissues of the body. Raspberry ketones also contain lipase, which may help with stimulating the enzymatic activity that helps break down fat.

Green Coffee:

Green Coffee Bean Extract

This is another ingredient that is known to promote weight loss. Green coffee contains chlorogenic acid, which, along with caffeine, can help burn fat. Chlorogenic acid can assist in reducing the sugars and fat that are absorbed by the body. Caffeine can help boost the metabolism, decrease hunger, and increases heat production (thermogensis) in the body.

It’s important to note here that the exact amount of these two ingredients is not indicated. For this reason, it’s hard to be sure what the exact quantity of all the ingredients in these capsules. Therefore, it’s difficult to establish this product’s efficiency based solely on this criterion.

Are There Any Scientific Studies on Biocore Trim?

There is currently no evidence of any clinical trials of this product. However, the above mentioned ingredients have been studied.

Scientific Studies

The results of studies on raspberry ketons have shown promise in reducing the accumulation of body fat. However, this ingredient is in need of further investigation and the results developed more fully, before raspberry ketones can be fully recognized as a proven fat-burning ingredient.

One study in particular states that raspberry ketones helps increase lipolysis, which is the breakdown of fat, by making cells more sensitive to the effects of the hormone norepinephrine. This hormone is known to aid in fat burning processes. Raspberry ketones also helps regulate the metabolism and blood sugar levels by making the fat cells release higher levels of a hormone, adiponectin.

The study was done to determine the fat-burning properties of raspberry ketones, and if it can help restore the metabolism of lipids in the human body. The study did appear to show evidence of this occurring with the use of raspberry ketone in herbal products.
A similar study compared a variety of 13 coffees, to evaluate and compare the antioxidant effects in green coffee and roasted coffee. It was shown that the antioxidant effect in coffee varies according to the amount of polyphenols they contained. There is evidence in many studies that show the health benefits of antioxidants found in coffee.
Are There any Side Effects and Contraindications of Biocore Trim?

There was no indication of any side effects or contraindications in any information gathered on Biocore Trim.

There are no health risks associated with raspberry ketones or green coffee in particular. However, it was already concluded that it was impossible to determine exactly what each pill contains, since all dosages were not listed for each ingredient. Therefore, it is not possible to guarantee the safety of this product.
It’s always a good idea to advise pregnant or breast-feeding women to avoid taking any diet pills, and to discuss any supplement regimen with a physician before beginning. This warning also applies to anyone who is receiving any other medical treatment, as well as minor individuals and children.
Price and Guarantees for Biocore Trim

This product is available for free through a trial offer. However, free trials should always be approached with caution.

Most free trial offers are usually serving as a registration for subscription and once the free trial ends, the customer begans to get charged monthly fees. At the end of the 14 day free trial, customers will be charged 99.99 USD and then every month, each bottle is 94.99+9.99 USD for shipping and handling. Products will be automatically shipped and charges taken unless action is made to stop this.

There is a “satisfaction or money-back” warranty noted for this product.

There is no evidence of any actual General Terms and Conditions for this product found anywhere, so it’s impossible to determine the validity of any of these guarantee claims or product return procedures.


Biocore Trim User Reviews or Comments

After analyzing reviews concerning Biocore Trim, it is apparent that these comments are written mostly by the retailers themselves in order to drive sales, so they cannot be deemed reliable.

One review did confirm the poor sampling and trial system:

“I ordered them on December 14th. I had a 14 day trial starting from the December 14th. But I received the bottles on December 21st. And, it took me 99.99euros for every trial bottle”.


Final Opinion on Biocore Trim Pills

There doesn’t seem to be aspects favoring a positive opinion of this product. No known manufacturer, no official website, no proper listing of dosage, and a free trial that is not actually free.

Considering this information, there is no reason to encourage the use of this pill, and advise focusing on more reliable products.

Biocore Trim Alternatives?
Raspberry Ketone MAXIf you’re looking for a good alternative to Biocore Trim, where you’re not trapped into a free trial “scam” and all the ingredients are visible (dosage), you might try Rasberry Ketone Max, which has the same ingredients as Biocore Trim, but it’s offered at a reasonable price, a money back guarantee, shipped from the UK and the shipping is FREE.
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