Our Review of Liquid Diet Drops

Countless numbers of people faithfully adhere to a strict diet regimen only to experience defeat. Many may not achieve their desired goal, others regain the weight lost. However, a new product claims to revolutionize weight loss. Created by Evolution Slimming, Liquid Diet Drops, or LDD, are formulated to aid in weight

Rapid Weight Loss with Liquid Diet Drops - get it today

Rapid Weight Loss with Liquid Diet Drops – get it today

reduction when taken as directed and combined with a very low calorie diet program. When followed, the regimen produces substantial and permanent weight loss. Once only available in the United States, the product is now accessible to residents of the U.K.


How Liquid Diet Drops Work

Liquid Diet Drops contains the amino acids L-Orthinine, L-Carnitine and L-Arginine in combination with selected vitamins and herbal supplements. LDD formula is specially designed to supplement the amino acids naturally produced by the body.

These amino acids are also naturally found in a variety of dairy products and meat. Studies indicate that taking a 100 mg. dose of L-Carnitine daily, combined with vitamin and mineral supplements, produces an average weight loss of 15 pounds in an eight week period.

The amino acid also enhances metabolism. Together, the compounds play a significant role in transforming fatty acids into usable energy by transporting fats through circulating blood where the compounds serve as fuel. LDD does not contain hormones. However, the formula offers a safer alternative to Human Chorionic Gonadotropin drops, which are commonly referred to as HCG.


Liquid Diet Drops Diet Program

The LDD diet program, also called the LDD protocol, consists of a three phase process that includes taking Liquid Diet Drops two times every day. The protocol provides detailed information concerning the dietary requirements that extend over a 43 day period. The plan explains the importance of choosing the right foods that encourage the fat burning process. Users are also provided with recommended menu options.

Liquid Diet Drops Weight Loss Program

Liquid Diet Drops Weight Loss Program

The first phase of the process lasts for two days and requires that a user consume between 2,500 and 3,000 calories in what is known as the loading period.

The second or maintenance phase
requires consuming no more than 500 calories of high-protein, low calorie foods for 21 days.

The stabilization and final phase enables users to gradually increase the caloric intake to a maximum of 1,000 calories per day for another 21 days. During the entire dietary process, Liquid Diet Drops maintain energy levels while acting as an appetite suppressant.


LDD Precautions

Individuals should not begin the LDD protocol or any other diet regimen without first consulting with a healthcare professional. The formulation may

Liquid Diet Drops promises rapid weight loss

Liquid Diet Drops promises rapid weight loss

interact with certain medications. Liquid Diet Drops are not recommended for anyone under the age of 18, pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers or anyone diagnosed with diabetes.

Liquid Diet Drops have produced amazing results in thousands of clients. When used as directed and closely following the dietary plan, utilizing the product enhances the fat burning process and increases the likelihood of losing a substantial amount of weight in less amount of time.

Liquid Diet Drops are available exclusively through the Evolution Slimming website.




Liquid Diet Drops


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