Phen375 vs Proactol XS – which one is better?


There are many weight loss supplements out there on the market. Two somewhat popular ones at Proactol XS and Phen375. Many people find themselves asking which one would be the better choice. For most of them, it will boil down to a matter of personal preference, but this article may help the majority to make that choice.

Which one’s better – Phen375 or Proactol XS?

First off, there are a few similarities between the two. Both Phen375 and Proactol XS work quickly to suppress the appetite. Both of them are also highly effective at helping people burn fat. They will also both allow the user to lose 3 to 4 pounds per week. This makes them both highly effective in helping people lose the weight they want, or need, to lose.


What’s good about Proactol XS?

However, there are a few differences that may help many prospective users decide. Proactol has been shown through over 40 individual studies to be 100% safe and is totally compatible with a vegan diet. These studies have also shown that Proactol XS is capable of binding up to 800 its own weight in dietary fat.

This means that each dose can prevent relatively large amounts of fat from being absorbed by the body, as much a 33% more than most other diet supplements. Proctor also works well as an appetite suppressant, making it that much easier to resist those random cravings. All these things make Proactol appear to be more useful to those people trying to avoid gaining weight.


Benefits of Phen375

On the other hand, Phen375 is more of a fat burner. This means it works to break down the fat already stored in the body, making that fat easier to use to boost the user’s energy levels throughout the day. It will also help increase the user’s metabolic rate. These characteristics may make it easier for the user to be more active, which will in turn increase the weight loss benefits. And, much like Proactol, Phen375 also works as an excellent appetite suppressant. All these benefits seem to make Phen375 a much better choice for those users that wish to lose weight all ready gained.


There is one other significant difference between Phen375 and Proactol: the price. For those who only have a little weight to lose, Proactol offers a variety of plans starting with a 10-day plan which comes with 60 capsules and a diet plan for around $45, giving it a cost of around

Marina (France) lost 30 pounds with Phen375

People had more succcess losing weight with Phen375 (Marina lost 30 pounds)

seventy-five cents per pill. Phen375, on the other hand, offers the same amount of pills for just under $140, giving it a per pill cost of $2.31. This makes Proactol seem much more attractive to the cost conscious dieter.

If that person needs to lose weight already gained, then Phen375 might be the better choice

Ultimately it comes down to the needs of the individual dieter. If that person needs to lose weight already gained, then Phen375 might be the better choice, despite the cost. If that same person is seeking help to avoid gaining more weight, while losing some of what they already have, then Proactol would seem to be the better choice. Either way, the end decision lies with the dieter.

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