Phen375 – what’s new in 2014?

Diet pills come and go — but not Phen375. There are ten years of rave reviews in video and writing to testify to this fact — with obviously unaltered pictures.
Phen375 - the leading fat burner since 2007

Phen375 – the leading fat burner since 2007, still most wanted in 2014

What’s unique about Phen375 is it not only super-elevates your metabolism to burn fat– it blocks absorption of fat and suppresses appetite. This is the fascinating thing about Phen375.

Carbs, Fat Storage and how Phen375 Works

Stored fat in your body not only comes from eating fatty foods, it also comes from unburned carbohydrates. See, the reason that low-fat/high carb diets do not work is that if you’re not exercising extremely hard, all those carbs turn into fat if they are not burned. Taking in no fat is not the way to go. In fact, your body needs some fat to lose weight — healthy fats that it.

Phen375 gives you both the energy and the metabolism to burn carbs before they are burned, to block the storage of unhealthy, saturated fats that do go into your system. Amazingly enough, Phen375 works on your fat stores as well to burn fat already extant in your body. It also decreases to

Phen375 blocks

Phen375 blocks the storage of unhealthy, saturated fats that do go into your system

decreases appetite, and boosts energy so you will feel like walking, running, cleaning house, roller skating– and just plain moving around period, all of which keeps your metabolism revved and encourages the weight-loss process along even further.

What’s even better is that it’s healthy. You’re always healthier when you are getting some type of activity every day. In fact, some doctors testify that sitting around is unhealthier for you than smoking. Phen375 will give you energy galore. Whether you’re doing the best job cleaning your house and car you’ve ever done or whether you finally plug the treadmill back in– you will be moving — guaranteed.

How did Phen375 come about? Through years and years of scientific research by a team of geniuses who examined what was good, bad, and dangerous about all the diet pills that had been released before Phen375 and then making theirs better, healthier, harder-working, organic, better able to block fat storage, and more energizing– in short, better, stronger, faster.


You Cannot Find a Healthier-More Researched Diet Pill

Phen 375 is manufactured in the USA in FDA approved laboratories. It is also 100% natural and organic. If you’re wondering how it works then, then you must realize this: there are, of course, all kinds of vitamins and minerals that do positive things for the body that few doctors discuss today.

Phen375 is 100% natural and Vegan friendly

Phen375 is 100% natural and Vegan friendly

Medicine, of course, originates from herbs and minerals– they just have manufactured-sounding Latinate names now that confuse that issue.

Phen375 has managed to discover the unique combination of pharmaceutical-grade ingredients with fat -burning herbs and minerals, to create a 100% safe weight-loss solution that has achieved tried and true results for over ten years and which is now being marketed all over the world.


Side Effects Minimal – And Mean You’re Losing WEIGHT!

You may feel a slightly elevated heart rate and your blood pressure might rise a bit — but this means you are burning calories faster. When your heart rate speeds, just like a jogger’s will, you are burning fat and calories.



New Testimonials for 2013 and 2014

You can find testimonials from residents all over the world on our website, on YouTube, and all over the web. You’ll find testimonials from all kinds of years but we have made sure to include recent ones on our website. These

Fresh 2014 Testiomonial from Marina (France) who lost 20 pounds with Phen375

Fresh 2014 Testimonial from Marina (France) who lost 20 pounds with Phen375

testimonials and personal diaries chronicle many overweight individuals and their journey from being overweight and sometimes obese individuals to thin, attractive, and grateful people who rave about what this diet pill has done for them and how it has transformed their lives completely.

You’ll frequently hear how their energy level morphed from lazy to productive and how they watched their waist reduce from 46 inches to 19 inches.

Danielle from Canada, for example, lost almost 50 pounds, going from a size 16 to a size 8.


A.E. from Colorado lost an amazing 17 pounds in just 8 weeks

A.E. from Colorado lost an amazing 17 pounds in just 8 weeks

Tristan, USA, is on his way to losing almost 100 pounds with Phen375. He was a whopping 324 pounds and now he’s weighing in at 274 pounds.

Brandon, after only 15 days, lost an amazing 8 pounds– that’s a lot of weight lost in very little time.

You can find many video diaries chronicling weight-loss testimonies like these at our website under the tab “Testimonials” on the left.




New Ingredients to Spur More Weight Loss

Our researchers are always seeking to improve Phen375 and in November of 2013 made some changes for 2014 Phen375 customers. In addition to Calcium Carbonate, Chromium (which aids metabolism), L-Carnatine (a natural fat burner), Citrus Aurantium (which aids in thermogenic weight-reduction), Cayenne Capsicum (which helps you burn another 300 calories a day), and Caffeine Powder, we have added two new ingredients as well:

Dendrobium nobile extract
—which aids in appetite reduction and enhances physical and athletic performance.
Coeus Forskolii Root PE –which has been proven to reduce weight, aid glaucoma, and treat diabetes.

This new formula, one virtually packed with every proven weight loss herb and supplement on the market, promises to assure weight loss of up to 4 pounds a week.


Price—No Changes Since 2007

We have a good product and because of that, we have sales. Therefore, we haven’t raised our prices since marketing of Phen375 began in 2007. Actually, the price should have gone up, due to inflation and the way that affects the cost of all things, but in loyalty to our customer, the price has remained the same for nearly 10 years.

Today, one bottle of Phen375 costs $69.95 US dollars and lasts over two weeks (approximately 15 days if used as directed). Two bottles cost $138.90. The best deal, however, is to buy three bottles for $227 and get a bottle free. This package will last you two months, by which time you will already be seeing significant results.

Forecast for Phen375

For 2014 and beyond, you can expect to see a new website with a quicker, safer, easier checkout process. We will be constantly updating our testimonials so you can hear about other people’s successes with Phen375.

Otherwise, we are busy translating our website into an increasing array of languages, as our success grows worldwide. Recently we added Polish, Russian, and Grecian websites to our already-extant French, Danish, German, Netherlands, Italian, and Portuguese websites.



Phen375 will continue to update its product and make it even more weight-loss productive as new studies on little known herbs emerge that can help us improve our product and aid you in your weight loss goals. Here at Phen375, our mission is to help you to achieve your dreams.

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