PhenQ: Australia’s Powerful New Weight Loss Tool

Losing weight is a result of a combination of things that can’t be achieved by utilizing just one component, but that’s exactly what other dietary supplement companies try to make you believe.

That’s what makes PhenQ by Bauer Nutrition Group such a breath of fresh air.

The powerful fat burner PhenQ – now also available in Australia


With this powerful, doctor-trusted dietary formula, customers can reap the power and benefits of multiple dietary supplements with just one pill. This revolutionary new product takes weight loss to a whole new level of obtainability!


PhenQ AustraliaGenuine, real PhenQ – available only at the official website


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Australia and its Alarming Obesity Trends

During recent years, Australia has seen its population attacked by the same obesity issues that countries all over the world have been facing for decades.


Obesity in Australia

In fact, Australia’s obesity rates are skyrocketing higher and faster than any of these other countries, with the country ranking in a neck-and-neck tie with the United States, according to one new study.

Data shows that about a quarter of the country’s children and a whopping 63% of Australian adults are considered obese.

These stunning statistics are so incredible that the Federal Government has been called in by the health experts to tackle this issue and develop a national anti-obesity strategy. Clearly, it’s a major problem.

If Australia is going to get a grip on their growing obesity problems, they must remember the classic tools utilized for healthy weight loss. Healthier eating and exercise are a must in order to achieve sustainable and safe weight loss numbers.

But for those that need a little extra help, new dietary supplement PhenQ might be the perfect solution. Packed into every one of these little capsules is a powerful slimming agent, designed to boost natural fat loss through daily use.



How PhenQ Helps You Lose Weight Fast

PhenQ, which is produced in the U.S. and UK in GMP and FDA approved facilities, is made of high quality, clinically tested, natural ingredients in order to combine the power of multiple weight loss tools into one pill, designed with faster, easier, and more effective weight loss in mind.


PhenQ powerful Ingredients help you fight unwanted fat fast – just take 2 pills per day


It is taken twice a day, preferably one capsule at breakfast and a second with lunch.

Customers are advised not to take after 3 p.m. due to the dose of caffeine.

Perfect for both those just beginning their weight loss journey and for those who have reached a plateau and are unsure how to re-set their weight loss abilities, the slimming agent found in PhenQ jumpstarts the burning of stored belly fat and blocks fat production to prevent future weight gain.

The powerful product also suppresses your appetite, which can be useful when trying to lay off the sweets and other late-nights cravings.

In addition to these compelling benefits, PhenQ also boosts and improves mood and energy levels, without the risk of side effects.

Clinical Research on PhenQ.

It is made with natural ingredient a-Lacy’s Reset, which is a formula scientifically proven to help you burn body fat and naturally rid your body of toxins.

Other ingredients include Vitamin B3 (Niacin), Caffeine, Piperine, Calcium, Carbonate, Chromium, L-Carnitine, and also extracts of Capsicum and Nopal Cactus.



Best Way to Purchase PhenQ if You Live in Australia

For people living in Australia, PhenQ can be purchased prescription-free online through the official PhenQ website,, in all major Australian cities, including but not limited to, Sidney, Brisbane, Canberra, Melbourne, Darebin, and Perth.

Best way to purchase PhenQ if you live in Australia is on the official website


Purchasing options include:

1 month’s supply (60 pills) for $69.95, in AUD
2 month’s supply (120 pills) for $139.90 AUD
3 month’s supply (180 pills) for $209.85


Also, you can take advantage of these special promotions:

Buy 2 bottles, get 1 free for the price of $139.90 – enjoy a savings of $99.95 AUD with this offer.
Buy 3 bottles, get 2 free for the price of $189.95 – enjoy a savings of$209.80 AUD with this offer.


It is important to note that this product is sold exclusively through the official website,, and therefore should not be purchased on other websites such as or, as you very likely will be purchasing a knock-off, less effective fake version.

Nor can this product be bought in drugstores like Amcal, beauty and health retail company Pharmacies, or Chemist Warehouse, Health Information Pharmacy, Guardian Pharmacies, Symbion Pharmacy Services, Blooms, The Chemist, Australian Pharmaceutical Industries, or My Chemist and Terry White Chemists. The only place that sells the genuine PhenQ product is the official website.

Shed unwanted fat and reduce hunger cravings with help of PhenQ

Get your bottle of PhenQ today

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