Is Slimdrene/Slimdrene Cleanse a Scam?

Many people who have tried Slimdrene or Slimdrene Cleanse are feeling as though they have been scammed. We are going to look a little deeper at their information in an attempt to determine if this is likely.

Our Slimdrene and Slimdrene cleanse review

Our Slimdrene and Slimdrene cleanse review


If you look at the products’ web page, they are both advertised as having a trial option. Trial runs are fishy because they are notorious for going along with products that produce minimal results and cost you maximum money.

Companies looking to scam people usually do this to trick their customers into signing up for Automatic Shipments. This makes them money because most people will forget to cancel their membership with the company before they are charged. Here is some of the information that has been gathered on these products.


Slimdrene and Slimdrene Cleanse Advertised Benefits:

Slimdrene Cleanse claims to offer natural energy, higher metabolism, and natural management of your weight. Slimdrene claims to offer fat burning, loss of cravings, fewer hunger pains, and increased muscle mass.

Their advertising approach pitches that in order to make weight loss happen quickly, you will need to use both products together. The ingredient list should supply a better idea of the possibility of results, however.


Slimdrene Cleanse and Slimdrene Ingredients:

They both contain ingredients that they claim yield results, but the list does not include how much of each ingredient is present in the products. Slimdrene Cleanse shows an ingredient list of White Oak, Gentain Root, Blue Vervain, Aloe, and Goldenseal.

Slimdrene claims to contain Green Tea, Pure Green Coffee, Resveratrol, Raspberry Ketones, and Acai Berry. It is also worrying that both products only list ingredients that are popularly included in other weight loss supplement scams.

While these ingredients may yield results in the correct dosages, there is no way of knowing if there is a proper dose in each and, that being said, they may actually contain harmful ingredients that are not listed. Not having detailed ingredient lists is a sure sign of a scam in most cases.


What are these products priced at?

Many people are complaining about this product because of the price and if you look closely at their Terms and Conditions, you will see why you usually can not trust a product that offers a trial run.


If you sign up, you only pay for shipping for each product which is £2.99, but after 14 days, if you do not cancel your membership you are charged £104.99 for each product you order. So if they convinced you to try both, you just got charged £210.


Unfortunately, they are both attached to an automatic shipment program so you will be charged every month until you cancel. Some companies like this also make sure to include in their Terms and Conditions that a “waiting period” applies to cancellation of your membership which means that you still have to pay for the monthly product until the waiting period is over. This is another way they get as much money out of their customers as possible.


Can these products be considered a scam?

With the combination of the payment agreement and the weak ingredient list, it is almost certain that these products are a scam. They are definitely making their customers feel scammed which is way they have had so many complaints. It is extremely important to always read the Terms and Conditions when considering a trial run on any product.


If you feel you have been scammed by these products, speaking to Slimdrene Cleanse and Slimdrene are your best bet at getting your money back, but it is hard to debate when you agreed to the Terms and Conditions.


They write those Terms and Conditions to be as confusing as possible, but still contain all the information that they are legally required to include in hopes that people will check the box without reading them. This is one of the main reasons that most people do not trust trial runs. If all else fails, talk to your bank about rejecting payment requests to the company.



Slimdrene and Slimdrene Cleanse Contact Information:

The email address listed is or
The phone number listed is 0800-368-6101.



Raspberry-Ketone-Plus-Colon-Cleanse-Combo-Package-1-Month-SupplyA “non free trial” alternative you might consider:

RaspberryKetone PLUS and DetoxPLUS+.

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