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Back in ancient times, even saffron was considered a treasured plant, a true luxury item. Today, harvesting saffron is still a rare and very expensive enterprise, it remains one of the most expensive spices in the world. Now French scientists have discovered another possible application that could make saffron more desirable in the future. They have been able to produce a special extract of the plant which is Safran Extraktcapable of reducing both appetite and unwanted cravings by about 70 percent. This makes losing weight considerably easier, along with reducing the circumference of the body.


Saffron Valued for Thousands of Years


As early as 1500 BC, saffron was known to the Egyptians, the name has been found in ancient Egyptian writings. Even the ancient Romans knew that saffron had many positive attributes, including using it in spices or as a dye. The scientific name for Saffron is “Crocus Sativus”. There is Saffron located in Greece, in the Aegean islands of Crete. However, the most valuable saffron is now harvested throughout the Mediterranean.

And there are also growing operations at the Black Sea as well as in Iran and Afghanistan. Saffron is a name of antiquity and it probably finds its origin in the beautiful crocus, from whose blood, according to legend, is the first crocus flower ever grown. The world “crocs” in the Greek language means “thread”, which points to the thread-like characteristics of the flower.


A Sensational Discovery

Saffron has long been known to be a very special plant with which many useful drugs are derived. Now, however, scientists from France have made a sensational discovery. They discovered that it is possible to extract saffron in a way which makes it possible for overweight people to reach their desired Reduce Appetite with Saffronweight. The saffron extract is primarily used for neurological purposes. In the brain, the extract can cause it to release chemicals which gives the body a signal of fullness.

After the discovery of the extract, studies were conducted, these studies proved that the agent can reduce the appetite of the test subjects by 69 percent. Cravings for sweets, which are exactly the types of foods that make a person fat, could be reduced by 70 percent.

This special extract has now been patented and is available through the company Evolution Slimming under the name Saffron Gold Plus in Germany.


Lose Weight with This Saffron Extract

In order to lose weight very quickly using saffron, the extract can be applied while also on a diet. Most dieters are dieting but not permanently, because sometimes the craving for sweets are too powerful which causes the dieter to yield to their craving. With Saffron Gold Plus, this is exactly what can be prevented.

Lose Weight with Saffron

Lose Weight with Saffron

Appetites and cravings are mitigated which helps to create perfect conditions for a diet.

But even when someone is not on a diet, they can still lose weight with the help of Saffron Gold Plus. It helps to adjust appetite to a healthy level, so the user automatically takes in less calories. Unhealthy food can more easily be avoided this way.

Improve your diet and lose unwanted pounds with Saffron Gold Plus


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