Stop Mindless Eating By Using Special Spinach Extract

Some people eat constantly, and they are not eating because they hungry. They are eating simply because they like to eat. Many people think that the only way to correct this problem is to either visit the gastric-banding surgeon or psychiatrist. A supplement that is made from a leafy green vegetable may be able to solve your problem.


Extract from Spinach leaves can reduce hunger cravings

Extract from Spinach leaves can reduce hunger cravings

However, there is a catch to this. All green food supplements are not created equal. Here is the information you need to know about the special spinach extract.



It Is Not Exactly The Spinach Leaves

Before you can understand how this new food supplement works, you have to understand what is making people obese. Portion control is essential for weight management. All of us have food cravings and struggle to cope with them. However, hedonic eating is the biggest problem when it comes to maintaining a healthy weight.

Hedonic eating is not the same as craving a food. Hedonic eating is also known as mindless eating. People eat simply because they are bored or stressed. Hedonic eating can very easily become gluttony if it is overdone.


Leafy green vegetables, such as spinach and kale, can help control appetite and prevent one from overeating.


Thykaloids are found in spinach and other leafy greens. They make up the cell membranes. Thykaloids affect how the intestines and pancreas trigger appetite. They also affect hormones that trigger cravings for fatty and sweet foods.

You would have to eat a pound of spinach per day in order to reap the appetite-reducing benefits. Spinach extracts do contain thykaloids, but the new formula contains extract that is made only from the baby spinach leaves. Appethyl is the best supplement to try . It contains specific proportions of compounds and vitamins in thylakoids.



What The Research Says

One of the most recent studies done to test the effects of spinach extract on appetite involved 38 women who were overweight. The women were between the ages of 40 and 65, and the study lasted three months. All of the women drank a two-ounce blueberry drink every day. Half of the women received a drink with thylakoid extract. The women selected to receive the thylakoid extract were chosen randomly.


Scientific research on spinach extract

The women ate three meals per day. They were not allowed to have snacks in between meals. The women also engaged in low-impact exercise for 30 minutes every day. Additionally, they had their blood sugar, weight and cholesterol checked every three weeks. On the first and last days of the study, the subjects were asked about their food preferences and appetite.



The results of the study showed that the subjects who took the thylakoid extract noticed a reduction in their cravings for sweets. The study also showed that the effects of the supplement kicked in around noon. Once the effect kicked in, it lasted for the rest of the day.


The women who did not take the supplement craved sweets before and after lunch. However, the women who took the thylakoid extract did not have those cravings. Both groups did not have a significant change in blood sugar. However, the placebo group had high blood sugar levels after eating.

The women who took the thylakoid extract were also able to lower their bad cholesterol level. GP-1 is the hormone in the body that suppresses appetite. GP-1 levels were higher in the subjects who took the thylakoid extract.

The study is promising for people who have had trouble controlling their appetite and want to lose weight. The pure form of Appethyl is currently only available in Scandinavia. However, Hydroxycut Appetite Control Plus Appethyl is available in the United States.


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