The 3 best supplements for losing weight in 2014

The range of supplements that supposedly help you lose weight is huge and

Looking for effective weight Loss Supplements? See which one really work!

Looking for effective weight Loss Supplements? See which one really work!

continues to grow. Constantly new products are coming in the market. With the

means and methods, billions of business is being done.

Mostly there are bogus packages that are only good to pull money out of the pocket of consumers.

There are obviously exceptions, namely well-known products that are proven to be suitable to support a healthy weight loss. Ideally, test methods and research results demonstrate that the listed active substances actually have an effect.

Garcinia cambogia, glucomannan and chitosan are some of the substances.



Garcinia cambogia – very effective fat burner and appetite reducer

The base of the 100 percent organic product Garcinia Cambogia forms the shell and the flesh of the fruits of the tamarind tree. It is particularly widespread in the south

of the Indian subcontinent and throughout Indonesia. Hydroxycitric acid (HCA) is extracted from the dried yellow fruit, which is similar in shape to a pumpkin. This so-called enzyme blocker is able to accelerate fat burning process in the body and at the same time acts as a natural appetite brake.

Garcinia Cambogia, therefore, produces a double effect. On the one hand, HCA prevents that the ingested carbohydrates are converted to fatty acids and stored in the organism.
On the other hand, the substance extracted from the tamarind helps in reducing hunger. This produces an additional effect in a diet for weight loss. Since the ravenous cravings often lead to the lost pounds being resettled on the hip and other problem areas.
Various studies and clinical trials have shown that Garcinia Cambogia, when properly taken, doesn’t have a “habituation effect” and may also provide protection from degradation of proteins.


Glucomannan – clinically proven appetite reducer

Glucomannan is a water-soluble dietary fiber, which is obtained from the dried konjac root. The plant fibers are processed. The konjac root which is most

100% Pure Glucomannan – now available at online shops

100% Pure Glucomannan – now available at online shops – get it today

common in Southeast Asia, also called devil’s tongue, is one of the members of Aracaea family. Among all natural products, Konjak should have the highest “water binding capacity” according to the current state of the science.

For the dietary fiber contained in glucomannan to produce a saturation effect, it is important to take plentiful supply of water along with the intake of glucomannan. Only in this way it can be ensured that the substance swells in the stomach and the desired volume is created. This then leads to the fact that someone who wants to reduce weight feels tired for a long time and doesn’t constantly get the urge to eat something.

Of course, attention must be given to a low-calorie diet.
Also here results of studies confirm the positive effect of the treatment, including the studies of the American Society for Clinical Nutrion. Furthermore, the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) classified as part of the “Health Claims Regulation” the following statement regarding glucomannan or konjac as true: “Reduction in body weight when at least 3 grams is taken daily in three portions, with at least one gram of which one to two glasses of water is taken before each meal by an obese person”.


Chitosan – the natural fat binder that works

Chitosan is commercially available in various forms. In chemical terms, it is a biopolymer or polyamino saccharide, a linkage of sugar molecules. Chitosan is filtered out of chitin, the shells or exoskeleton of shellfish, crustaceans and crabs. As a significant feature of the obtained, gel-like fiber substance is the

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Try Proactol XS – with 100% chitosan – get your package today

ability to bind fat and to prevent that significant proportions of fat go permanently into the organism. Furthermore, chitosan is also able to bind proteins. The “trapped” substances are excreted undigested.

Through the absorption of the essential energy source of fat, the biodegradable chitosan thus is well suited to support a reasonable reduction diet. This has been confirmed, for example, by a study in Finland where the subjects took Chitosan in addition to restricted food intake. The substance should also have positive effect on cholesterol levels.

The dietary supplement used as a fat blocker –available as capsules, tablets and powder –alone does not guarantee weight loss. As with all other products, the consumer is obliged to consider it as a supplement to the diet. In addition to a change in diet, movement is also required sufficiently. Only in the harmony of all the factors, pounds can start to drop. Discipline, of course, also helps. In addition, the product should always be taken as prescribed.

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