The 30 Day Acai Detox Diet (2014 Update!)

The Acai Palm is native to the Amazon region, where it grows mainly on the banks of the river. The various effects of acai have long been known to the locals. Used in South America, the acai berry is not only valuable as a medicine but also as a food Weight Losssupplement and as food. Even the heart of the acai palm tree is edible, extremely popular and sought after as food.

The acai berry contains a high proportion of Antioxidants and helps in burning fat. The locals use the acai berry not only as an ingredient in various food and drinks, but also as a natural, highly effective slimming agent. On a month long acai diet you can lose up to 8 kilograms. The women around the Amazon and other areas in South America are aware of the powers of the acai berry and have used it for a long time.


There are two supplements that you should take for about a month to achieve the desired effect:


First Supplement:  Acai Plus +


AcaiPlus+ speeds up your metabolism and promotes weightloss

With Acai Plus + one can shrug excess weight from the body. The unique and highly effective combination of acai berry extracts and of green tea and guarana extract provide the perfect mix, which makes the Acai Plus + diet a breeze. This product combines valuable antioxidants, L-carnitine, various omega fatty acids and phytosterols.

This combination not only helps in losing weight but also protects against free radicals and provides for better cell renewal. This gives you not only the perfect medium for a diet, but simultaneously actively doing something for your health and appearance.

Sluggish metabolism is stimulated and the body rid of toxins and waste. Acai Plus + is simply essential for an effective and sustainable diet.


Second Supplement: Detox Plus+

Detox Plus

DetoxPlus+ helps you get rid of unwanted toxins and can speed up your digestion

Guava, apple, rhubarb and senna leaves are the basis for this highly effective cure. Losing weight is not only about ensuring that excess fat is removed from the body. Many toxins are stored in the body that can cause many diseases and slow and tire the body. Detox Plus + helps sustainably encourage metabolism and digestion using the flour of the guava plant, apple pectin, the best of Aloe Vera and extracts of senna leaves.

Since the digestion is so important for a fast and highly effective slimming treatment. The excess fat cells in the thighs, the buttocks, and especially on the belly store poisons that can be very dangerous to human health. They damage the heart, the circulatory system and the blood vessels, which is why you should rid yourself of as many of them as possible.

And this is precisely where the special combinations used in Detox Plus + come in to safely and sustainably eliminate toxins.



With the acai diet one not only loses weight but strongly stimulates

Get healthier and lose weight with 30 Day Acai Detox Diet

Get healthier and lose weight with 30 Day Acai Detox Diet

metabolism and helps the body in cell regeneration. Hollywood stars swear by the acai berry as a highly effective means to a more beautiful, slimmer and healthier appearance.

While your usual diet takes your energy and leaves you feeling tired, the acai diet gives you new strength. It goes directly to where most of the fat cells have accumulated and helps you lose weight.

In addition to that the acai diet is a slimming treatment made from completely natural substances, which do the body a lot of good rather than harm it. The acai diet helps attain a slimmer figure and better appearance in one month.





AcaiPlus and DetoxPlus


Start your Acai Detox today

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