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You might have opened your favorite newspaper today and see an AD of Proactol XS or you might browse the net on your favorite news site and see it too. Or a good

Proactol XS - the new clinically proven Fat BINDER

Proactol XS – the new clinically proven Fat BINDER – does it really work?

friend of you recommended this product to you. Anyway, August 2014 is all about Proactol XS. Yes, I know – August is not the usual month to do dieting and losing weight (because we all do or at least try to do in the months from January till June), but it’s always a good start to get rid of belly fat, big fat thighs or floppy hands fat.

You might go to your dream vacation in September and would like to be a few pounds lighter so interesting men (or women, if your a guy) would look at you at the beach and be amazed at your overall appearance. Or you might go to a wedding of your best friend and you found out you don’t fit in that gorgeous dress anymore. Even athletes need to lose weight sometimes to get a better performance in the sports they’re doing passionately.

Whatever your reason is to shed a few pounds, Proactol XS just might be the solution you’ve been looking for so long. I already did an quick review of Proactol XS on the 7th of July this year, but this review is a more in-depth kind of review where you can learn all the details about Proactol XS.


How exactly does Proactol XS work

You’re probably wondering how does Proactol Xs actually work and how does it help you lose weight. Well, let’s first talk about FAT that is in our foods. Ever wondered how many calories actual fat has? Pick up the bottle of your vegetable oil and look at the backside – you will see that it has about 750 kCal in 100 mg. That’s absolutely a HUGE amount of calories that slowly but steadily build up excess fat around those unwanted areas of the body we talked before.

Proactol XS main benefits:

+ binds FAT from food, helping you reduce your weight
+ reduces your Appetite and fights bad cholesterol
+ 100% organic and vegan friendly
+ over 40 clinical studies done on Proactol XS


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And this FAT in your food is what Proactol XS attacks. When you take the recommended two pills before each bigger meal (take it with a big glass of water – which might also help you reduce your appetite a bit), the main ingredient

How Proactol XS fights FAT

How Proactol XS fights FAT

called Chitosan (non-animal) starts to trap the fat out of your food. And it does it in an inteligent way – it binds fat up to 800 times (!) its size. These two small pills can actually bind up to 300 kcal of fat out of your food! And if you do it 3 times per day before each bigger meal, that’s up to 900kcal. For 900 kcal you must bike or run at least a good hour and a half – that’s how great the effect of Proactol XS is.

There’s also one .. positive side effect of using this powerful 100% natural fat binder – when it binds fat it gets bigger and bigger, which gives you a feeling of a more fuller stomach – which reduces your appetite. Imagine – your calorie intake is smaller because Proactol XS gets rid of the fat in the food and you also don’t have such big of an appetite so you eat less!

Plus all that, Proactol XS is a Class IIA medical device. That means it’s claims are approved by real doctors and are not just written to impress. The efficency and the results have been proven by professionals.

And what’s more, if you have high cholesterol levels Proactol XS also helps you reduce those and keeps you healthy for a long time.


Over 40 Studies prove the effectiveness of Proactol XS

As for every natural supplement for regulating your weight, there need to be at least a few studies to prove its effectiveness. For Proactol XS there are 40 Clinical studies that confirm the effectiveness. For example the Cochhrane Meta Analysis on non-animal derived Chitosan (the main Ingredient in Proactol XS). There were 15 Studies (randomized, double blind, placebo controlled) on this matter – with total of 640 patients. Eight of those studies were performed with a low calorie/weight loss diets and 7 of the 15 Studies were aimed at weight maintenance. The end result is that patient who took non-animal derived Chitosan lost in average 3 Pound (about 1.7kilograms) more than the patient who were taking Placebos.

Over 40 Studies on Chitosan, the active ingredient in Proactol XS

Over 40 Studies on Chitosan, the active ingredient in Proactol XS

The other studies performed also concentrated on levels of cholesterol after taking Chitosan. And the levels of LDL-cholesterol and Triglycerides were lowered by 0,16mmol/L and 0,12 mmol/L respectively.

I understand that these studies all sound a bit scientifically, but the conclusion is Chitosan (non-animal derived), the main ingredient in Proactol XS does help you lose weight – scientifically proven!


Any Testimonials / Success stories with Proactol XS yet?

ProactolXS - Mozilla Firefox_2014-08-08_16-57-47Proactol XS has been on the market for a few months now and lot’s of people tried it out. There was also a weight loss challenge running on their official web site, where participants of all ages and sexes competed to see which one will lose the most Pounds (or Kilos if you prefer). Some of theme even shared their stories along with before and after photos.ProactolXS - Mozilla Firefox_2014-08-08_16-58-28

For example Alfred James Clark from the UK who lost an amazing amount of 163 lbs (that’s around 70 Kilos) for his Wedding. Others performed well to. Kari Robertson for example, lost 53 lbs (20 Kilos) with Proactol XS in just 3 Months. Helen Ballard did good too – she lost 41 lbs (18 Kilos) and was extremely happy to fit in a bikini again. Darren Crowdy lost a total of 48 lbs in 3 Months, while Kriztina Kerekes lost an amazing 55 lbs (over 22 Kilos).ProactolXS - Mozilla Firefox_2014-08-08_16-58-00

There’s also lots of Buzz about Proactol XS in the social media – on Facebook they have over 2300 followers which love their daily weight loss tips.


Celebrities and Proactol XS

As you may already noticed in magazines or television advertising or now so popular internet

Mischa Barton uses Proactol XS to lose unwanted fat

Mischa Barton uses Proactol XS to lose unwanted fat

ads, there’s lots of celebrity buzz around Proactol XS. Mischa Barton, who was the leading role in the US Tv series called O.C., decided that she need to shed a few pounds. If you remember Mischa from the Tv series, you then also remember that she was young, pretty and skinny there. Unfortunately she gained a few pounds in the last years and now she’s struggling to get her sexy body back.

And after the help of professional fitness trainers and diet coaches and with taking Proactol XS (as you can see in the photos) I think she’s on the right track – loosing pound by pound.  (will be updated as soon as we have more info about her weight loss)


Best value from money when buying Proactol XS

Well I guess by now you’ve read all about this new amazing fat binder. How it works,  the amazing success stories, the celebrity buzz and even the clinical studies. Now it’s time for you to start your summer diet with this amazing fat

The "Starting Package" of Proactol XS lasts for 15 days - for serious weight loss we recommend the bigger packages

The “Starting Package” of Proactol XS lasts for 15 days – for serious weight loss we recommend the bigger packages

binder.  But you might be wondering were to buy Proactol XS.

First, let me point out that Proactol XS is not available in drug stores or in your local pharmacy. It’s available online through the official Web Site BauerNutriton, which is a respected and popular online store for weight loss supplements. And the best thing – you don’t need a prescription for Proactol XS.

There are many different packages to chose from when buying Proactol XS. The cheapest package (which lasts you for 15 days) is quite inexpensive and will set you back for only 24,95 £ (which is 31,45€ or 42,45 USD). This package is suitable for those that want to lose a small amount  – 2 to 5 pounds (1 to 3 Kilos).

Now the 30 Day Package for a more serious weight loss will set you back 46,95 £ (around 79,95 USD or 58,95 €). You save 6% compared to the “15 Day package”.

For even more success with losing that belly fat or thigh fat, you should chose the 60 Day Package. It costs 84,95 £ (144,45 USD or 106,45 €). And compared to the 15 Day Pack, you save a good 15%!

Proactol Special Offers - we recommend the 90 Day package for serious weight loss

Proactol Special Offers – we recommend the 90 Day package for serious weight loss

But for those who are truly committed in losing weight and want the best value for their money – the 90 Day package is highly recommended. The people telling their success stories about Proactol XS all chose the 90 day pack or more to get the maximum benefits for the lowest price. Sure, it’s not the cheapest with 124,95£ (212,45 USD or 156,95 for our European friends that use EURO) but compared to the 15 day package – the savings are amazing – almost 18% compared to the 15-day pack.

That’s why I strongly recommend the 90 Day package for maximum effect and the lowest price per package.

Other benefits when buying at BauerNutrition are also a 30 Day money guarantee (they also add 7 days to it because of the time you purchase Proactol XS and the package arrives at your door – usually it’s less than 7 days) – so actually it’s a 37 day money back guarantee. And if you’re looking for cost for shipping – there are none! 100% free shipping  worldwide.


Final words and my verdict about Proactol XS

Now we know all about Proactol XS. A 100% natural, vegan friendly fat binder, with lot’s of success stories, clinically proven and even promoted by A-class celebrities. A bit pricey – but can you really put a price on losing those unwanted pound and be skinny and attractive again?

My Verdict: Highly recommended


 Proactol XS

Start your diet with Proactol XS today


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