The New Evolution Slimming Carb Blocker Review

One of the main reasons why it’s so hard to lose weight is that most people find it difficult

Our review of "Carb Blocker" - does it really help you lose weight?

Our review of “Carb Blocker” – does it really help you lose weight?

to stay away from foods that are high in carbs. Now there is a supplement that makes it easier to avoid these foods –Evolution Slimming Carb Blocker.

It’s normal to crave carbs and other fattening foods. For this reason, it’s typical for people who go on strict diets to binge and return to the foods they crave.

Fortunately, avoiding your favorite foods is not the only way to lose weight. An effective carb blocker prevents carbohydrates from being absorbed by your body. Evolution Slimming Carb Blocker is a product that finally makes it possible to lose weight without feeling deprived and hungry all the time.


“Carb Blocker” benefits:

+ blocks the intake of Carbohydrates from your food (reducing your calorie intake)

can control your appetite and get rid of body fat

100% natural
(without side effects)


An Introduction to Evolution Slimming Carb Blocker

Evolution Slimming Carb Blocker has been created by Evolution Slimming, a well

Carb Blocker is available ONLY at the famous British online store "Evolution Slimming"

Carb Blocker is available ONLY at the famous British online store “Evolution Slimming

known company that manufactures a variety of supplements. They are perhaps most famous for creating Hipolean X-S Fat Burner, an extremely popular fat burning supplement.

Their latest product will support any diet that you are following while taking a great deal of pressure off you when you do eat those carb rich foods that you enjoy.

This product helps to control your appetite and helps you burn fat more efficiently. It gives you added mental focus and physical energy. It can also boost your performance for activities such as exercise and sports.



Active Ingredients in Evolution Slimming Carb Blocker

The ingredients in Evolution Slimming Carb Blocker are completely safe and natural. This product is made with an exclusive blend of ingredients that work

White Kidney Bean Extract in "Carb Blocker" helps blocking CarboHydrates

Active Ingredient White Kidney Bean Extract in “Carb Blocker” helps blocking Carbohydrates

synergistically together for maximum effect. Active ingredients include chromium picolinate, Vitamin C, silicon dioxide, white kidney bean extract and maltodextrin, which is a flow agent.

There are no artificial preservatives, colors, yeast, salt, starch, maize, wheat or dairy products in Evolution Slimming Carb Blocker.




The Process That Makes Evolution Slimming Carb Blocker So Effective

One of the primary ingredients in Evolution Slimming Carb Blocker is white kidney bean extract, which is a powerful carb blocking agent. This, along with other active

Research found out that White Kidney Bean Extract blocks Carbohydrates

Researchers found out that White Kidney Bean Extract blocks Carbohydrates

ingredients, triggers amylase enzyme inhibition after you consume food.

Recent research, which you can find at, indicates that white kidney bean extract, which is also called Phase 2, is a natural and potent carbohydrate blocker. In a manner similar to chlorogenic acid, this is an herb that reduces the amount of digested starches in your gut.

Starches that would normally be absorbed are excreted, which has the same effect as consuming fewer calories. There is also evidence that this nutrient reduces blood glucose levels and triglycerides when taken consistently. Researchers are investigating the possibility that white kidney bean can help to prevent colon cancer.



Does Evolution Slimming Carb Blocker Contain Any Other Effective Ingredients?

In addition to white kidney bean extract, Evolution Slimming Carb Blocker has other active ingredients, such as Guarana extract. This is an herb that contains caffeine and stimulates the central nervous system. This provides the product with the ability to suppress appetite, promote mental focus and alertness and enhancing metabolism and physical performance. Guarana is also used to increase sexual drive and to treat chronic fatigue syndrome and low blood pressure.

Guarana Extract helps suppressing appetite

Another active ingredient is chromium, which is an essential trace element that helps to regulate blood sugar. Studies show that chromium can be useful for preventing diabetes and lowering cholesterol levels. When you exercise consistently, chromium also supports fat loss and lean body mass. This nutrient is found in many weight loss supplements, but is especially effective when combined with a powerful carb blocker like white kidney bean extract.

helps regulating blood sugar levels


The product also contains Vitamin C, which supports carb blocking functions. According to certain studies, people who take high dosages of Vitamin C tend to have lower body mass indexes compared to people who don’t take this supplement. This vitamin has the ability to oxidize fat during exercise, which boosts the body’s fat burning abilities.



Is it Safe to Take Evolution

Carb Blocker is 100% natural without side effects

Carb Blocker is 100% natural without side effects

Slimming Carb Blocker?

Because Evolution Slimming Carb Blocker is made with natural ingredients, it is safe

for most adults. However, people who are very sensitive to caffeine may react to Guarana. At the same time, if you have any medical conditions you should consult with a physician before using any dietary supplement.

The recommended dosage for Carb Blocker is to take 1 CAPSULE, 10 – 20 minute before breakfast and 1 CAPSULE 10-20 minutes before lunch.



Evolution Slimming Carb Blocker: Our Conclusion

Evolution Slimming Carb Blocker contains several effective carb blocking and fat burning ingredients. In addition to helping you achieve your weight loss goals, it Acai Detox Dietcan also give you a boost of energy, improved mental focus and may even reduce cholesterol and prevent the onset of diabetes.

Those who are sensitive to caffeine may experience side effects due to the presence of Guarana. The product is only a mild stimulant, though, so this only applies to people with an extreme sensitivity. Other than this, you are unlikely to experience any side effects from taking this supplement.


Our Verdict: Recommended


As with any dietary supplement, you will get better results when you combine it with regular exercise and a balanced diet. If you take these steps, Evolution Slimming Carb Blocker can be a powerful ally in helping you reach your weight loss goals.

And if you’re looking for Testimonials on “Carb Blocker”, there are four at this time on Evolution Slimming website, rating this product from Good (3 Stars) to Excellent (5 Stars). There are also many testimonials on the internet (like the famous where people are praising white kidney bean extract as a good supplement for losing weight.

Other benefits that come with this supplement include a money back guarantee and a free diet plan that customers can download.


Where Can You Buy Evolution Slimming Carb Blocker?

Evolution Slimming Carb Blocker can be found in some retail stores that carry weight loss products and nutritional supplements. You can also purchase the product online at the Evolution Slimming website. Because it’s a 100% natural product categorized as a supplement it’s available without prescription, but you can’t purchase it at a local store or pharmacy.

The price for one bottle (that last you a whole month) is $47 USD, which is £29.99 in GBP and the price in EURO is 38€.

Get your bottle of Carb Blocker today


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