The newest 2013 Phen375 before and after photos


As you might already know, Phen375 is an amazing 100% natural weight loss pill that promotes fat burning, while it also suppresses your appetite. It’s been on the market since 2009 and every year more and more people use it and these people make before and after photos of their “transformation”.

Here are the latest 2013 before and after photos from people using Phen375.


Brent, 24

Brent started using Phen375 in August and lost over 40 pounds (that’s around 18 Kilos) in just 3 months.

He ordered the biggest Phen375 package where you get 3 bottles plus one for free and used it taking 1 pill a day.

After 2 Months he lost over 25 pounds (about 12 Kilos) and was fascinated. He ordered two more bottles so he could get another 6 Kilos down (that was his goal). And one month later, he’s now 40 pounds lighter and has more fun in life, feels better and has a new beautiful girlfriend.





Danielle, 22

Danielle wanted to lose 15 pounds before the summer 2013 begins. She was told by a friend, that Phen375 does wonders reducing weight. So she ordered 2 bottles in May and after a month of using Phen375, she lost about 10 pounds.

She was so excited and ordered another bottle. And by the start of the summer, she lost 15 pound (about 7 kilos) total and was ready for her bikini.

She now proudly posts new Facebook photos of herself and her friends are totally happy for her.










Emmanuellad struggled with her weight since she was a kind. She decided it was

time to do something for her health and appearance, because she didn’t want to have health issues and problems with her joints as she ages. After doing some research over the internet, she came to the site and was fascinated by the amount of real people testimonials with before and after photos.

She purchased a bottle of Phen375 to test it out and see if it really works and after only 14 days she lost almost 6 pounds (about 3 Kilos). She decided she wanted to lose even more and after 3 months of Phen375, she lost an amazing 40 pounds total (about 18 Kilos).







Kara wanted to lose the unwanted belly fat she got because of her pregnancy.

She wanted to get to that body she had before the baby. A friend of hers who also had a new born child told her she lost a few pounds with Phen375.

Kara decided to give this natural fat burner a try and after only 90 days of using Phen375 her belly fat was gone and she had the amazing body an a flat stomach again!

She lost about 26 pounds (around 12 Kilos)!








Mia is a lovely young girl who actually wasn’t that much overweight, but she just wanted to lose a couple of pounds to get that sexy bikini body that everybody

wants. After some research she found Phen375 to be the perfect solution for her. She ordered a monthly package (2 bottles) and as you can see from her photos, she really looks better now.

She lost only 9 pounds but the difference is amazing. She now has more energy and loves to go out and meet new people.












Rachel also struggled with unwanted body weight after her pregnancy. She wanted to be a good mom and to be fit for her new born baby. But a young

mother really doesn’t have much time to go to the gym or run or other sport activities, so she had to find another way to lose her weight. On a forum for pregnant women she found a post about Phen375 and how it helped other mothers to lose weight so she decided to give it a go.

She ordered the 3 + 1 free bottle package and used Phen375 for 2 months. She was really pleased with the results (losing 30 pounds or about 13 kilos). But she was determined to lose 10 more to get to the weight before being pregnant. And after another month of taking Phen375 she came 42 pounds weight loss total (about 19 kilos) and was extremely satisfied and happy that she can be a good and fit mother for her newborn.



See more real people testimonials on the official Phen375 website



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