The Pure Colon Detox Trial: Is It A Scam?

Over time, both toxins and waste can build up inside of your body. This can lead to weight gain. That is why detox diets are so popular because they claim to help correct this problem. There are also detox supplements available, including the Pure Colon Detox.
Pure Colon Detox
However, many people are wondering whether this supplement is really effective. This review will examine the Pure Colon Detox in detail.
What Are Some Of The Reported Benefits Of Pure Colon Detox?
Pure Colon Detox has stated on its website that this supplement can help detoxify the body, increase energy as well as alleviate bloating and constipation. The website also claims that Pure Colon Detox can help people get a leaner figure. These benefits seem impressive, but it is important to take a look at the ingredients.
What Are The Ingredients In Pure Colon Detox?
There is not a lot of information available about the ingredients in Pure Colon Detox. However, it does have licorice root, cayenne pepper, fennel seed, ginger, psyllium, rhubard and pumpkin seed. Those ingredients can help detoxify the body.
How Much Does Pure Colon Detox Cost?
Free bottles have been advertised. However, this is misleading. You will be charged $59 after the trial period ends, which is 12 days after you purchase Pure Colon Detox. There is also an auto-ship program, and you will be charged $59 every month until you cancel.
Is This Supplement A Scam?
It is not a scam, and it is not the most expensive detox supplement. However, Pure Colon Detox is not recommended because it has been marketed as a free trial, which is misleading. People who sign up for the free trial will likely feel angry when they are charged after the trial is over.
Contact Information For Pure Colon Detox
There are two phone numbers you can call if you want to contact someone regarding Pure Colon Detox. You can call the USA number, which is 1-888-221-2554. The international phone number is 1-646-688-0457.
What Is An Alternative To Pure Colon Detox?

Detox PUREIf you are looking for an alternative to Pure Colon Detox, then you should consider trying Detox Pure. This is a supplement produced by Bauer Nutrition. Detox Pure contains natural ingredients that help remove toxins from your body.

You can get a one-month supply of Detox Pure for just $31 (with FREE SHIPPING and 60 day money back guarantee) and you do not have to sign up for an autoship program.
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