The various forms of the acai berry


1. Açai capsules

Acai Capsules

Acai Capsules – an easy way to take Acai – get your bottle today

Açai berries are harvested from the acai palm (botanical name: Euterpe oleracea). This species of palm grows in the damp tropical region of the amazon. The berries contain active ingredients beneficial to our entire body. They provide strength and energy and assist us in attaining more fitness and health.

Açai berries have a particularly high amount of anti-oxidants which increase metabolism, reduce body fat, detoxify the body, and decrease appetite.
Those who want to make optimal use of this powerberry can depend on acai capsules.

This way the active ingredients of the acai berry can be ingested simply and easily while traveling or in the office. One should play close attention to the quality of the capsules and the active ingredient dose. The desired effects only occur when the recommended dosage is followed. For this reason it is important to carefully compare supplements in order to make optimal use of the berry’s valuable effects.


2. Açai juice and Acai smoothies

Açai berries are not yet well known in Europe. They grow mainly in the tropical amazon region as a fruit of the Euterpe oleracea, the so-called acai palm. The juice of these approximately 2cm berries contains an extraordinary amount of Acai smoothienutrients, phytochemicals and important vitamins. They strengthen the heart and promote circulation and concentration.

Açai juice also has a positive effect on the skin and bones as well as the immune system and cell regeneration. By counteracting deficiencies which often occur as a result of dieting it also serves as an exceptional food for weight loss. Additionally, acai juice promotes fat burning and increases metabolism.

With acai juice one can provide the body with every important nutrient and vitamin that it needs during a diet. Another positive effect is promotion of digestion which also promotes weight loss. Organic quality açai juice can be found in Reformhaus or made at home from a powder.


3. Açai powder

Açai berries can be used in many different ways, for example; to improve digestion, to detoxify the body, to promote cell regeneration, to strengthen the heart and the immune system, to promote well-being as well as to provide assistance while dieting. The little powerberry grows primarily in Brazil and the effects of the berry are highly prized by the locals.Acai Powder

Since the fresh berries have only a limited shelf life they are dried directly after the harvest and processed into powder. Acai powder has just as many valuable ingredients as the fresh berries but has a longer shelf life and is ideal for those who do not enjoy swallowing capsules.

Since acai powder is made using a special freeze-drying process all important vitamins and nutrients remain intact.
The resulting product is subsequently subjected to a rigorous chemical analysis in order to check for quality. Açai powder contains no added conservatives, flavourings or colourings and is easy to use. Since the powder is extremely tasty it can be put in drinks, ice cream, yoghurt or granola. Because of its high solubility it can even be used in baking and cooking. To produce optimal effects 5g of acai powder should be ingested daily.


4. Acai patch

Açai patch. A patch that is put once a day on part of the body which is free of hair and there gradually releases its active ingredients into the bloodstream.
The skin must be clean, dry and free of hair. The patch can be placed on the Acai Patchback, shoulder, underside of the wrist, inner side of the elbow, upper arm, behind the knee or under the ankle.
The big advantage of this patch is that one is not forced to swallow pills or drink some shake.

Just change the patch every 24 hours and that’s it! It was developed scientifically to increase energy but simultaneously to suppress the appetite. It uses the antioxidants and vitamins of the acai berry and green tea extract. Açai patch increases metabolism and assists in weight loss of one to two kilos per week.

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