Top Natural Plant-Based Food Trends for 2017

In the last few years, more people have realized the importance of healthy eating. They are now incorporating natural foods into their diets more than processed foods.

What are the Top 5 Superfoods of 2017

This paradigm shift towards nutritious eating habits can be attributed to science and its never ending quest to make humans a healthier race.

Scientists continue to make new discoveries and unlock new ways to treat illnesses, helping people live longer and flourishing lives. This year is no different than the previous years of a breakthrough in the field of science.

With this increased awareness came new food trends that recognize the benefits of plant-based foods and its importance in our daily diets.


This article will take a look at top 5 foods that can play an instrumental role in improving your health and release its nutritious benefits in your lives.



Turmeric: The Golden Spice of Health

It is common to use turmeric during cooking, and it is extremely popular in Asian cuisines. Obtained from the plant of the same name, turmeric today is synonymous with colorful dishes. Adding just a pinch of this spice can enhance the taste of your food and also make the dish look richer.

Turmeric is a common flavoring agent due to its warm taste. This spice is most commonly used to add yellowish hue to curries, mustard, cheeses, and butter. However, what makes this spice even more popular is not just its taste enhancing properties, but also its medicinal benefits that can treat multiple health issues. Turmeric gained a lot of attention last year for its well-documented health benefits and carried its popularity well into 2017.

One of the most well-known properties of turmeric is its anti-inflammatory abilities. With its regular consumption, people can alleviate the ill-effects of arthritis. Scientists also claim that turmeric is beneficial in improving blood circulation and helps in prevention of blood clotting. That is not all, people suffering from depression have noticed a visible improvement in their anxiety issues, due to its anti-depressant properties.


Seaweed: Superfood and Powerhouse of Essential Nutrients

One may recognize seaweed from sushi. Most commonly found in a Japanese delicacy, seaweed is found at the bottom of the ocean bed. However, today it is used for a lot more than just sushi recipes.

In fact, it is not exactly unheard of to see seaweed in salads or even burgers. Due to its known culinary and health benefits, seaweed applications far transcend seafood only.

Don’t be surprised if you find it in your sauce ingredients or salad dressing. This superfood is not only delicious but contains a wealth of nutrients that makes people healthy. Seaweed contains huge quantities of protein and minerals. It is also a rich source of calcium, magnesium, iron and calcium.

It is also packed with vitamin C which is known to boost your immunity system and make you stronger from within. Seaweed contains anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiviral properties that support proper functioning of the thyroid.


Watermelon Seeds: Rich Source of Vitamins and Minerals

If it weren’t for science, we would never know that watermelon seeds, that we usually throw away, can pack a punch of health in them. Scientists recently discovered that these seeds could not only improve your health but also offer benefits to holistic wellbeing.

Even though they contain plenty of minerals, protein, healthy fats and vitamin B, these watermelon seeds are the last place you will look for a healthy dose of essential nutrients.

It also surprisingly packs zinc, iron, copper and omega-6 fatty acids, as well as folate and thiamin. In conjunction, these nutrients can keep your blood pressure levels in check and also improve your overall metabolism, especially the carbohydrates.


Moringa Plant: Well-Rounded Natural Herb

Moringa plant has gained a lot of popularity over the last few months, and for all the right reasons. After taking the world of health by storm in 2016, it has found a firm spot in this year’s list of powerful foods as well. Not only does Moringa treat various ailments, but it can also boost your sex drive. This wholesome herb is useful right from its seeds to the flowers, bark, fruit, leaves and even the roots.

All its components can be used in some form of medicine to treat a number of illnesses. The plant extracts have been particularly helpful in the treatment of inflammation. They also increase immunity function and mitigate discomfort caused due to joint pains.

Many people have resorted to Moringa treatment to cure their thyroid conditions. As if this wasn’t enough, Moringa also contains potent antibacterial properties that are helpful in eliminating germs that carry diseases. Find out more about Moringa Oleifera here


Maqui Berries: Antioxidant Rich Superfood

These deep purple berries are grown in the United States and Chile. It recently earned the status of superfood due to high concentrations of nutrients. In fact, scientists reveal that Maqui berries are way more beneficial than black currant, blueberries, elderberries and acai berries.

These antioxidant rich berries contain anthocyanin that curtains the damage done by free radicals in our body. It has also proven effective in improvement of insulin in our bodies.

Regular consumption of Maqui berries can make you feel energetic and prevent the formation of new fat cells.

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