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UniqueHoodia – 90 Capsules of 100% pure HoodiaGordonii

Have you ever gone on a weight reduction diet? Of course, you have. The most often recommended diet for weight loss is that you must ingest few calories if you are to manage or lower your weight. This is why Unique Hoodia is such a successful weight loss supplement.

The reason for its success has been demonstrated in studies in which it helped dieters to reduce snacks and food portion sizes, resulting in the lowering of a person’s food intake.



Ingredients of Unique Hoodia

• Hoodia Gordonii — Unique Hoodia originated in South Africa where it was used by the Sans tribe that had little time to feast due to their busy, travelling lifestyle of hunting. It is made from Hoodia Gordonii, a cactus named P57, and

UniqueHoodia - 100% pure HoodiaGordonii

UniqueHoodia – 100% pure HoodiaGordonii

this is its main ingredient. It does not contain chemicals that have grim side effects that can do harm to your body. It has none of the chemical additives or fillers as other hoodia products do. The benefits of Unique Hoodia are twofold. Since the Hoodia Gordonii cactus is a plant that retains water, this ingredient not only controls your hunger and cravings, it also helps with digestion. In controlling your appetite, it helps you to wait longer between meals without being hungry in order to meet your goals of weight loss.

• BioPerine – This ingredient is an aide to the absorption of Unique Hoodia. The BioPerine causes your body to absorb the appetite suppressant in Unique Hoodia more rapidly and efficiently to allow you to reach your weight loss goals sooner. Unique Hoodia is the only Hoodia Gordonii appetite suppressant that contains this harmless but effective ingredient.


Certificates and Medical Validations of Unique Hoodia

UniqueHoodia Certificates

UniqueHoodia Certificates

• Annex Certificate – The Annex Certificate states that the Hoodia in Unique Hoodia is from a South African Hoodia farm and that it is USDA approved as being both garden-fresh and safe.

• Cities Certificate – The Cities Certificate guarantees that the Hoodia in Unique Hoodia is genuine and imported directly from a farm in South Africa. It also guarantees that it is not from an intermediary after it has been stored for some time. It is farm-fresh, authentic and never out-of-date.

• Certificate of Analysis – Before the Unique Hoodia enter the United States, it is given this certificate to assure that it is Hoodia made with 100% unadulterated Hoodia Gordonii.

• Medical Endorsement – Dr. Vijay Soni-MBBS endorses the Unique Hoodia to be a totally natural supplement that will not cause any harmful side effects and is far safer than other chemical appetite suppressants. He often recommends this product to his patients with total confidence.


The Correct Dosage of Unique Hoodia for You

In order to meet your weight loss goal, you need to concentrate on your lowering your calorie intake by using the correct dosage of Unique Hoodia. You should also follow a plan that includes strong willpower and postpones

UniqueHoodia correct dosage - one pill 3 times per day before each meal

UniqueHoodia correct dosage – one pill 3 times per day before each meal

your muscle building temporarily.
Knowing the correct dosage of Unique Hoodia for you is essential. The dosage for most people is 500mg at least three times a day. Normally, a 500mg dosage is taken thirty minutes before each meal.

If your diet includes foods that are very high in calories and if you are still hungry after a meal following a 500mg dosage, you should then increase your dosage to 1000mg. Since there is little research indicating what amount is effective, you need to determine what dosage works best for you through trial and error. In any case, it is always best to consult your physician before starting any weight loss program.


Suggested Before Meals Unique Hoodia Dosage

If you consume 500mg of Unique Hoodia before each meal, this will curtail the amount of calories you eat, and it will not lower your energy level. Since you are cutting your calories, you will feel hungry at regular intervals of time, however this is where Unique Hoodia will help you. It will be vital to helping you to eliminate hunger.

In order for the Unique Hoodia to help you eliminate this hunger, when you take a dosage is very important. Eliminating calories will cause you to lose energy, but by taking a dosage of Unique Hoodia before your meals, your energy level will not drop. The Hoodia will have the same effect on your energy as glucose would.

Suggested Afternoon Dosage of Unique Hoodia

Taking 500mg of Hoodia in the late afternoon and before dinner will help you to feel less hungry despite the fact that your dinner is lower in calories. You may be very tired by late afternoon and liable to give up on your weight loss goal, but the Hoodia dosage will give you the willpower not to give up.

Suggested Evening Dosage of Unique Hoodia

Since the time following dinner and your bedtime is a time when temptation to overeat is great, it is a good idea to take a 500mg dosage at that time.



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