UniqueHoodia In-Depth Review (2015 UPDATE!)


Find out how UniqeHoodia can stop your food crawings for good!

UniqueHoodia is an appetite suppressant that contains Hoodia Gordonii, a cactus from South Africa that has long served the Sans tribe in its busy, nomadic lifestyle that leaves little time for feasting.


Hoodia Gordonni’s active ingredient named P57 has demonstrated through various studies that it may assist in reducing snacks and portion sizes, consequently lowering food intake.

The result is fewer ingested calories and greater weight management.


Benefits of  using UniqueHoodia

Reduce Appetite

UniqueHoodia reduces your appetite naturally

As a water-retaining plant, it keeps hunger and cravings under control while aiding in digestion. UniqueHoodia, unlike many competing products, contains only 100% pure Hoodia Gordonii, never an extract or imitation.

Each serving is an enormous 1485mg, far greater than that of competing suppliers. Comprised strictly of active ingredients, no useless fillers or additives make up the volume of the supplement.

Bioperine, however, a newly added extract that boosts Hoodia absorption, now increases the effectiveness of UniqueHoodia by up to 30%.


UniqueHoodia – Certificates and Medical Endorsements

UniqueHoodia has proudly earned the Annex Certificate, stating that its Hoodia comes from a real South African Hoodia farm and is USDA approved as fresh and safe. It also boasts the Cites Certificate, which indicates that pure Hoodia is sourced directly from an authentic Hoodia farm in South Africa.

The certificate guarantees that the Hoodia is real and fresh, never stale or sold from an intermediary after indefinite storage. UniqueHoodia also cherishes the crucial Certificate of Analysis.

UniqueHoodia Certificates

It earns said certificate before the product even enters the United States, ensuring comprisal only of 100% pure Hoodia Gordonii. It has earned medical endorsement, as well, from Dr. Vijay Kumar Soni-MBBS. He approves UniqueHoodia as a natural supplement, far safer than artificial counterparts and having no side effects. Dr. Soni demonstrates enough confidence in the product to recommend it to his patients.


Are there any UniqueHoodia Testimonials from real people

The effectiveness of UniqueHoodia is best demonstrated in the real-life success stories of its users. Joanne Hartlend lost eight pounds in three weeks with UniqueHoodia. Eating three daily meals and taking the supplement curbs her cravings for between-meal snacks, and she has no side effects.

Len Perry says that one concern of his was that perhaps his appetite would vanish altogether.

 UniqueHoodia Testimonials

However, he merely experienced a reduced appetite, which lead him to a fewer-calorie diet with reduced portions. With UniqueHoodia accompanying his healthy diet, he has lost a significant amount of weight.

Lillian Jaques, who suffers from arthritis, lost eight pounds in four weeks. Even at age 62, Lillian was able to suppress her appetite, lose weight, and improve her arthritis.

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How much does UniqueHoodia cost?

Because Hoodia Gordonii is incredibly rare, purchase of the plant itself is

extremely difficult. As a result, a dietary supplement is the best form in which to purchase Hoodia. UniqueHoodia’s official website, BauerNutrition.com, is the only source from which UniqueHoodia is available for purchase. Fortunately, the website offers a number of special package offers to save money on UniqueHoodia.

A single box, or a one-month supply of UniqueHoodia, costs $54.95. A two-month supply package costs only $94.95, saving a total of 13%. Purchasing a three-month supply includes an extra box, or an extra month’s supply, completely free.

A buy-three-get-one-free package costs $134.95, saving a total of 38% off of the original cost. Purchasing four boxes includes three free boxes, so seven months of UniqueHoodia cost only $164.95.

As the most popular purchasing package, it saves an amazing total of 57%. A 12-month supply is also available, and it costs $384.95. Accompanying the three-month, four-month, and 12-month supply packages is the 180-day guarantee, which promises satisfaction or the customer receives a complete refund.

If UniqueHoodia does not achieve the guaranteed results for customers who properly follow the instructions for use, they are promised their money back. UniqueHoodia is safe, natural, and when paired with healthy lifestyle practices, assists in appetite and craving control and thus helps achieve healthy weight loss.


My Final Verdict – does UniqueHoodia work?

I recommend UniqueHoodia to anybody who suffers from chronic weight problems and feels trapped by countless ineffective solutions. I feel safe knowing exactly what I put into my body, and the certified, authentic, 100% pure Hoodia Gordonii Thumbs UPdirectly from South Africa brings peace of mind.

A complete lack of fillers means that I ingest no unnecessary substances.

My Verdict: Highly Recommended

With nearly 1500mg of Hoodi per serving, I appreciate the large and effective dose of an active ingredient rather than a useless additive.

Its earned certificates, study results, and medical endorsement also provide me with the knowledge that the product is safe, fresh, and never fake. With plenty of success stories from real customers, I know UniqueHoodia can truly work with a healthy diet to manage weight.

Also, with a package of three months or larger comes a 60-day, money-back guarantee. It may be rather expensive, but ordering larger packages results in huge, worthwhile savings.




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